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This is Morgan Bailey’s hottest scene to date. Absolute power fucking of her little boy toy after a long seduction. An innocent game of strip “poker” has Cameron standing naked in the bar. At any moment someone could walk in. The threat and thrill of being caught with his cock in Morgan’s hand gets him off quick. But right as he is coming, Morgan wipes out her giant, solid dick and squirts Cameron’s load all over her surprise cock. He panics, and tries to back away but Morgan pins him to the bench and grinds against his ass until he agrees to let her just push the head of her cock into his ass.
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Full Thrust Pt 2

I thought I was going to get court marshalled for sure, I’d been caught fucking the new pilot on deck, in fact, it was she who was fucking me, as our new pilot was a smoking hot shemale. To make matters worse I was caught mid-action by the only other female pilot on board the vessel, Danielle, and she was known to be a real ball buster, more aggressive than any of the other guys.. Just my luck.. What I hadn’t realised until that moment was just how much more she was than the other guys.. She must have been at least 2 inches more than most guys I knew and I had to jump back when she flopped out an enormous hung juicy cock of her own. She immediately took over clamping the wheels and as soon as that was done she demanded to have a turn to suck my cock whilst the new shemale pilot continued to plough my ass in. Who was I to disobey orders! And we were soon fucking like three horny beach dogs. Danielle wasn’t content with just sucking my cock for long and she demanded to take over from Jessie May with the ass pummelling duties, and I was soon taking the full girth of her meat as she frantically fucked me with all her might. It wasn’t easy taking so much cock with so much power, my eyes were watering, but it did help when they began to fuck each other, I was so horny I couldn’t get enough. By then I was just gagging to taste their spunk, and i didn’t have to wait much longer, as they threw me to my knees and began spraying their warm salty spunk all over my face..

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Yasmin and Will meet in a bar. They both had the same needs before heading off to their families for a night of family fighting, too much turkey and of course, the endless guilt trip about being single during the Holidays. They both wanted that one cocktail that takes the edge off and keeps your sister from saying you drink too much.

Soon though their quick drink and a little commiserating leads to both of them returning to Will’s hotel room for a little pre-dinner fucking.

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Yasmin fucks will relentlessly with her big dick. Her cock is so big it gapes his ass and makes him grunt. When he cums, she makes him squirt all over himself, and when Yasmin cums, it’s right in to Will’s gaping ass. Sensationally hot fucking, great blow jobs and everything you need to make your pre-dinner wank a happy little secret that keeps you smiling throughout your own thanksgiving dinner!

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Diner Catch-up


It is always great catching up with Liberty Harkness, this time we met up in an American Diner and could not resist sucking each other off and getting naked (as we do) over the counter/on the stool, on the floor we make the most of each other for sure. This is a catch-up you won’t want to miss ;)

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The sexy Samya Santos strikes again and Yago gets another chance to to tame this wild tgirl. Watch as this horny shemale goes down on his big hard cock and then takes it hard in the ass with no condom until they both are blasting loads of messy cum.


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The Next Step

I had been dressing up provocatively for as long as I could remember, putting on a dress, even heels and feminine accessories, I’d even padded out my chest before and I’ve always been pretty androgynous which always got me a lot of attention, but hitting the clubs whilst dressed up I nearly always got hit on by the other dressers or lesbian chick, no one could really work out what I was but I’d still never been with a guy. But now I had started to take hormones and I could feel my breasts growing by the day, although I was shy about it and started to hide them, I just wish I had the guts to dress like aslut.. Everything changed when I was away for the weekend.. There must have been some kind of mix up at the airport as when I got to my hotel room and opened my luggage it was clear these were not my clothes. I must have picked up the wrong bag and now I had a suitcase full of makeup and chick clothes. IUt was late, the stores were all closed and the outfit I was wearing stank! I was desperate to go out for a drink and not be trapped in my room all night so I made the decision to try and pass as a girl. With some lipstick, blusher, heels and stockings, and a real slutty dress, it was obvious I was enjoying this more than I could have imagined, no longer was I trying to pass unnoticed I was dressing like an attention seeking hooker, even my breast seemed larger, pushed up by the tight top. So I hit the first dark bar I could find and was hit on by the first guy I passed. I was nervous at first but he was hot and my desire to get him back to my hotel room and rip off his clothes far outweighed my insecurities and shyness. Before long we were bumping and grinding all over my room, fucking like two animals as he parted my stocking clad legs and rammed his cock into my tight behind. I’m not sure if he noticed my cock and just didn’t care or whether he was just too busy pummeling my ass hole to even notice, but here I was about to have an anal orgasm taking my first ever cock, knowing it wasn’t going to be my last, not by a long shot.

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