Sexy Jade has been called in for her special skills of integration. She has a prisoner who won’t talk and he needs to be persuaded. Things quickly change when she grabs him and rips off his shirt. Bringing him to his knees and seducing him with her sexy body. Raising his head and slapping him with her cock. Shackled and handcuffed, Lerock has no choice but to give in to Sexy Jade and Jade is sure to get everything she can out of this prisoner..

First Date


Superheroes usually have trouble dating, especially since I’m fucking Robin, and the paparazzi are everywhere. But when I got the chance to hook up with Starfire, you better believe I didn’t turn that down. Things were going great, she was looking sexy, and she wanted me to take her to the bedroom. That’s my kind of dating. She told me she had a surprise for me, and when she dropped down to her knees to suck my dick, I thought the surprise was how quickly I was going to blow my load in her mouth. She’s a good cock sucker! After I got on the bed to recover, she revealed the surprise; a dick that’s bigger than mine, between her legs! I’m not one to judge, but god damn, that just made her even hotter in my eyes. She bent me over and slid that dick inside of me, and I was in bliss. I was yelling so loudly that I was surprised I didn’t break the fucking windows! I begged her to fuck my tight ass as hard as she could, and then squeezed her dick until she came in my mouth.

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This is one horny bitch who comes complete with a big cock and she really wants to use it. So we lined her up with some fresh ass to fuck and the slut went crazy. This is hard fucking tranny action that you shouln’t miss.

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Enjoying the Sunshine

This is a nice natural set in my comfy joggers and bare feet that soon turned into a naughty one!! from lounging in the hot sun reading my book to slowly revealing my naked body and playing with my hard cock… Look what the hot weather does to me :D

Yoko, Oh No!

My name is Yoko and I’m a Japanese shemale. Not many people know my secret as I look like a sweet innocent Asian girl, but yesterday on my way home from work my secret almost got out! I was riding the bus through the city when this young guy brushed by me and his trousers caught on my skirt. As he left he ripped my skirt clean off! And I wasn’t wearing any panties! I can’t wear girly knickers, being a shemale I have a large man cock which is way too big to keep in panties, so I often go commando, but now I was on the public bus completely bottomless! Luckily I was carrying a large handbag and covered my naked crotch area, and I slipped off the bus at the next stopped. This handsome guy who was passing could see I was distressed and he put an arm around me and asked me if I was OK. I told him I needed to go somewhere private and he walked me into a nearby park where we sat on a bench and I finally began to relax.. He must have noticed the large erection under my bag, as I closed my eyes I felt his hand slide under my bag and wrap around my thick penis. He then took away my bag completely, leaving my large dick exposed! Before I could say a word we were making out and he began stripping off his own clothes. Once he took off his trousers I felt so much better and was more than happy to ride his long weapon, I didn’t care anymore if anyone could see! We took it in turns fucking each other in full public view, I don’t know whether anyone saw us or not and I didn’t care, we were having too much fun to even notice. Anyway, I wasn’t ashamed, my cock was much bigger than his and I was pummelling his ass so hard he was the one screaming like a little girl!

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Candy Girl Seduction

Britney doesn’t need to work nights slinging candy to the financial district happy hour droves. She uses her lollipop charm to lure men into the late night darkness of bars where she knows the bartender will let her “close up shop”.
It’s a sexy game that thrills her hidden cock even just to think about. She’s already hard by the time she finds a man to use.
Tonight, it’s an accountant with nothing better to do than drink to last call. Britney can tell from the minute they meet that she will own this man, that he will resist at first, but simply not be able to deny himself the chance to suck her cock, to let her slip into his ass and fuck him until he cums for the second time in one night.

Locker Room Shemales

sheanimale15The boxing match is over and the ref is being helped back to the locker room by the two beautiful shemales. They hit him hard and his head is still swimming a little. He also has shemale cum dripping off his body thanks to the fun they had while he was out cold. Now he wants in on the action and these sexy sluts with nuts aren’t going to turn that down. He has a big cock and he almost certainly knows how to use it. They’re going to find out for sure if he can pleasure their naughty bodies with his meat. A shemale threesome explodes between them and the locker room is steaming up with their passion. The chicks have fun fucking his holes with one taking his mouth and one his asshole. Then they pile on top of each other for a triple fuck where two assholes get penetrated. There’s hot doggy style screwing and plenty of sucking as the shemales live out their dreams of sexual pleasure in every imaginable way. Once again they both cum on him and once again he loves it. He gets to shoot his load on the shemale sluts too.

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Man Gets Owned by Bianca Alves

Today is a special treat, we have the horny shemale nympho Bianca Alves in action. We found a guy who had never been with a tranny and hooked him up with Bianca for a fucking he would never forget. Watch this big dick shemale fuck this guy every which way but loose!

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You cheat, you pay. It’s simple, too bad the enforcers of the punishment are not simple and easy. They are tough, assassin-like women who are paid by your scorned wife to fuck you in the ass and make you scream mercy until your cock AND your brain are cured of their cheating ways.
She cuffs him to the bed and fucks him every which way until he oozes cum and she makes him eat her thick load. A grand debut Sofia and undoubtedly not her last.

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