Street Fighter

Despite Ken’s concerns Ryu was keen to take on Poison, a new challenger in the Street Fighter competition. Ryu was very confident he could figure out any special moves this new chick in town might have and he knew Ken was more jealous than worried, Poison had huge boobs and apart from Chun-Li street fighting girls were few and far between, and even Chun-Li was two quick to grope her hot body. Ryu took his position and was contemplating going straight for his killer ‘tiger upper cut’ or sending a few power balls her way to show her he meant business, but before he could yell ‘Ay-oo-get’ the buxom babe had thrust her breast towards him and Ryu’s face was trapped in a large tit sandwich. Ryu was even more turned on when he saw the big cock bulge in Poison’s tight panties and he couldn’t help but start to munch on her breasts and stroke his own stiff pole. Poison encouraged Ryu by reaching down and grabbing his boner then jerking him off using her tits and some spit. Ryu knew there was no way he could knock this incredible tranny babe out, instead he would have to turn to different tactics, fucking her tight ass in to submission, pounding her hard and deep so that his balls slapped hard against hers. He had no plans on stopping until she begged for his cum, ramming her teen ass raw until she finally gave in, taking his huge load all over her boobs and face..

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On day 4 of our road trip the girls pick up a recently released prisoner. They get him in the back of the RV and get to work. Pulling his cock out and sucking it till he is rock hard. Then they see if he learned anything while locked up. Guess what, he is a dick sucking pro! Getting home and taking turns on his ready ass until dawn.

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Andreia de Oliveira struts around showing off her phat ass and big shemale cock before she puts it to work. Watch as this hung shemale superstar pounds a guy’s mouth and ass with her monster cock until he can’t take anymore. This is big cock tranny sex at it’s fucking best!

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Katja Kassin breaks in our newest dom, Eva Cassini in her debut shoot. Eva takes the reigns fast and has Katja cumming and begging for more right from the start. These two ladies have chemsitry in the opening interview that cooks up even more by the time they are done flirting in this shopping mall dressing room scenario.
Eva is hard from the start and plunges her cock between Katja’s luscious cheeks like she’s drilling for oil! It’s a sexy fucking that ends with our new girl popping a huge load that makes her look more like a seasoned champ than a rookie. This will not be the last time we have the lovely Eva her seducing and fucking pussy.


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You are not in Kansas anymore, you are in Panwhora! Out here, every living things that crawls, flies or squats in the mud, wants to rape your butt hole, and fill your ass with spunk Juice. The indigenous inhabitants of Panwhora are a clan of horned up monster hung shemale warriors, called the Peckers. They have huge boners reinforce with carbon fibre – and they fuck first and ask questions later. . When a clan of intergalactic Fuckephants land on Panwhora, Queen Dong calls the Pecker tribe together to defend their planet. The Fuckephants were raping the creatures of Panwhora, impaling tight asses on their massive Fuckephant cocks and filling them with their poisonous sperm. Queen Dong, the most hung of the Pecker tribe, took it upon herself to lead her tribe into battle.. The Fuckephants were too strong, and soon Queen Dong found herself looking at a fatal ass pounding and creampie ending, until a twist of fate. As the tranny birdies flew above, their mystical feathers began to malt and drop down on the warriors below. As the feathers brushed against the aggressive, Fuckephants, their attitudes seemed to change and they became disorientated and subdued. Queen Dong notice what an effect the aphrodisiac feathers had on their horny enemies, and encouraged her tribe to gather the feathers and rub them on the ass holes of the Fuckephants. In doing so, lacing the Fuckephant holes with the feather, the Fuckephants were overwhelmed with pleasure and fell into uncontrollable orgasms, shooting their giant loads. This disarmed all the Fuckephants, who suddenly lost the will to carry on fighting, and instead grew and instant attraction to the Pecker people. And with the Pecker people being such horny fuckers, they agreed to make peace with the Fuckephants, and everyone celebrated in a giant no-holes-barred orgy fuck fest!

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You just can’t find a much hotter shemale goddess then Nicolly Navarro. That dark skin and long dark hair and incredibly sensuous body is enough to bring you to your knees. And that is exactly where you want to be so you can take her long thick shecock in your mouth. She is sizzling in this gallery dressed in her skin tight blue jeans then stripping off to play with her big girl dick. She certainly knows how work that shecock and just watching her will make you break out in a lusty sweat.

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We’ve got Joyce BomBom featured in today’s update, this tgirl should really change her last name to BoomBoom! It’s always great to have Joyce featured in an update especially when it’s full of insane hardcore action. Watch her destroy this guy’s mouth and ass with her huge throbbing black cock.

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The Halloweenie Pt.1

‘Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and ladyboy balls bubble’ Evalina, the tranny witch, was attempting to cast a horny spell on a dark Halloween night. As her spell was cast Evalina expected a hung stud to appear at her door, but instead she was met by Brian, the local monk who was keen to share his knowledge of constellations, and other nerdy facts. Not to let an opportunity go to waste, Evalina invited Brian in, out of the cold, and once inside she decided to give the geeky young stud a little private dance. In her satin stockings, velvet corset and slutty high heels, Evalina attempted to seduce Brian, hoping she’d finally get laid, but he showed little notice or any interest at all. So Evalina referred to her spell book again and cast a spell that not only removed all of Brian’s clothes in an instant, but caused his cock to grow to the size of a horse’s. At this sight of his hung piece of flesh, Evalina dropped to her knees and began to munch away. Evalina ate away at his cock, gagging on every thick inch, as her eyes watered and Brain groaned like a wolf howling at the moon. Finally Evalina removed the large cock from her mouth and span around, desperate to feel the huge dick in her tight ass hole. Brian was like a possessed dog, fucking the tranny witch in every position imaginable, forcing his cock as hard and deep as he could in her hungry hole, until finally, he unleashed and almighty cum shot, covering the exhausted shemale in his warm jism juice.

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Daphynne Duarth is always a pleasure to work with and members love her, take one look at her cock and you’ll know why. Watch as this big cock Brazilian tranny gets wild for the camera, stripping and stroking her big thick amazing cock until she unleashes a huge cum load.


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