The Sexy Witches

Young Harold was minding his own business, reading his spellbook and catching up on some much needed revision, as the two sexy witches were passing. Now these witches were the worst kind of sexy, they knew how stunningly attractive they looked, they were constantly horny and they weren’t afraid to use their natural charm and exoticness to siren in any male, young or old. Add to this that these witch bitches were shemales of the most hung variety, and it was clear to see young Harold’s ass virginity was in grave danger of disappearing.. The frisky kinky witches soon swooped down, jumped from their broomsticks and cornered Harold against the Oak tree. As they rubbed their stocking clad legs against him and slid their silky gloved hands over his body and down into his pants Harold was soon sprouting a monstrous boner of his own, lost in their seduction and completely submissive to their every desire. The busty, hung tranny witches stripped poor Harold, bent him over and began to enter his tight ass with their huge dry cocks. No condoms or lube were used nor any magic, just pure brute force and a little bit of spit and sweat, and young Harold was soon being ass pummelled by the teen tranny tag team. It was clear to see their witch craft was in full swing, either that or Harold was one closet bottom boy, as not only did the spectacle wearing teen seem to yelp in pleasure with every pump of their cock to his ass and mouth, but he even began to pull his own butt cheeks open wider, stretching open his hole and allowing the ladyboy witches to pump him a little deeper and a lot harder!

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Luana’s got the look

Starring: Luana Varella
Story: Luana’s a sexy bitch who has a killer stare and can make any guy melt. But her secret drives some special guys totally crazy – her package! Yes, she’s got a man size cock under some queen size tits and guys like Jack are totally obsessed! Watch Luana and Jack get it on as Jack gives this tranny everything she wants!

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Kelly Shore – is there a doctor in the house

Kelly Shore breaks her high heel in a man hole cover..or so she says she did. She limps into a local clinic begging the hot therapist to take a look at her ankle, her calf, her thigh…She’s been watching this muscly man for weeks and now is her chance to seduce him into forbidden massage. He gets her almost naked, she sucks his hard cock, then climbs on top of his chest and shoves her beautiful dick in his wet mouth. Soon she is fucking his ass and finishes her treatment by cumming on his chest. A twisted ankle never felt so good.

Shemale Studio Chicks Bang Producer


After being introduced to this singer’s thick shemale dick, as well as being fucked by her manager, things got a lot more relaxed in the recording studio. They all hung around naked while she laid down some more tracks, and with dicks still rock hard, the producer and their singer’s manager started getting freaky on the mixing board. She was sucking his dick, and then bending over so he could fuck her ass, and the singer decided to take a break to have some fun with them. Her cock was rock hard just from watching them, so she slid in behind the producer and started to fuck him in his ass! All three of them were taking turns sucking cock, getting fucked in the butt, and all were turning the recording studio into a shemale fucking paradise. They even all got together in a fuck train, pounding their butts and making them hit even louder notes than before. That’s why the singer went in and tested out a new tune while she was fucking her manager, causing them to erupt all over the place. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

Cabaret: TS Danni Daniels owns Christian

Come taste the wine…come hear the band…come see the dancers, come watch what no one else gets to see.

Danni Daniels keeps her toys locked in her dressing room. Tonight she wants to play with the tall, muscular bouncer who has been eying her ever since she started working at The Cabaret.
Finally, she takes him down and takes every inch he can give, shoving her hard, thick cock down his throat until he can feel the head of her dick resting on the last inch of his tongue, gagging him, punishing him, owning him.
Danni doesn’t care. She wants him to choke and gasp, to beg for more between the rasping breaths of a man in desperate need of her. She wants him and everything he his body, ass and mouth can offer. What good is sitting alone in your room? Come watch what happens behind the curtain.

Venus pretends to primp for the evening gown competition while Krissy stretches for the talent portion. Her talent – baton, Venus’ talent – is intimidating the shit out of her opponents and Venus has more than one trick up her “sleeve”.
When Krissy takes the bait, Venus goes in for the shag, whipping out her cock and making Krissy suck it all the way to her balls.

Venus shows off her physical prowess as she fucks Krissy to the moon and back before revealing the real truth pageant judges and her power to seduce them!


Hot and Hung Tgirl Jessica Ninfeta

This hung brunette tgirl has that unforgettable charm and curves that will make your jaw drop, it’s the perfect combination! Jessica is a stunning shemale and she is packing an amazing cock. Watch as she teases and strokes until she shoots a load for the camera.

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Huge cock shemale Keylla Marques get fucked

Keylla Marques and her tight tranny ass is in action today. Watch as Keylla takes a big cock deep and hard bareback style in this raw new update. The hardcore in this scene is insane especially when she is bouncing on this guy’s stiff cock and her huge dick is flopping around!


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My Two New Favourite Maids Pt 2

After fucking for hours on the bathroom floor like 3 crossdressing rabbits in the height of mating season my two hung tranny maids looked exhausted, covered in my spunk. Unfortunately for them I wasn’t tired and soon had another boner reaching for the skies, and moreover, I was their boss.. I knew they had to do whatever I asked, but once we had walked into the lounge even they were starting to get erect again. I watched the blonde wiggle her tight naked ass across the room, I was trying to let them rest for a moment but the sight of this bubble butt cooing me, and I was soon rushing across the room and diving in between her cheeks, eating out her hole and tongue fucking her as deep as I could. The other maid soon joined in and I was taken to heaven as they double penetrated me, stretching my hole to its max. We fucked in so many positions I just wish I’d filmed it! Like good little house servants that finally both dropped to their knees and opened their mouths as I jerked off my hung tool and drenched their faces in spunk. We plan to fuck in every room of the house – and I live in a very very big mansion..

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Hung and Busty TS Pryscilla Dior

We have a special treat for you today, check out blonde bombshell Pryscilla Dior. She’s looking stunning today in that sexy yellow outfit, but the real fun begins when she starts stripping. Watch her get naked and show off that fabulous feminine body and amazing cock!


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