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Taking One For The Teams


Jessie was the star of the team, she was new to our high school and no one knew much about her, but she could play ball like no girl I’d seen! Several girls had a secret crush on her, she was a tall athletic, Amazonian kind of girl, not so sweet looking, but fit and toned, and despite being quiet, you could just tell she’d be a freak in the bedroom. Jessie was also very private, she showered alone and after every game she was quick to get away, she missed out on a lot of the fun that goes on in the girl’s locker room after a hot and sweaty game! But everything changed after the championship game. Jess had won us the game so Tammy and I decided to play a trick on her and burst into her cubicle, we also knew it would be our best chance to see how fit her body was! Man, were we in for a surprise, Jessie did have a killer figure, her long tight curves were just a perfect 10, but so was the thick cock hanging down between her smooth thighs. We stood with our eyes and mouths wide open, for a minute we didn’t know what to do and that’s when Jessie showed us her not-so-shy side, grabbing Tammy by the pig tails and pulling her to suck on her breasts, and thrusting her hard 8 inch cock into my open and willing mouth. We were the only ones left in the showers and the place was covered in steam as we writhed, sucked, fingered and fucked on Jessie’s command. Not only was she a super star ball player, but she knew how to ball bang a tight pussy like no one. Tammy and I were both slumped on the shower floors, still twitching in orgasm, as Jessie drenched us with a game winning load of warm creamy spunk.

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