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The Morg Party: As in the MORGAN BAILEY Party

Morgan has spent a year eying her co-worker, wanting to ask him if he’s ever had sex with a transsexual, if he’s ever sucked cock or even had a threesome. He’s so square and serious all the time, that the idea of breaking him in with her 8 inches is never very far from her thoughts.
On a slow Thursday afternoon, she can wait no longer and so she begins to seduce him until his cock is out of his pants and he is spilling all his dirty secrets.
Once he is so turned on, there is no turning back and the two fuck out in the open on their office couch.

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This guy was happy that his new maid had finally made it over to his house, especially since he got to watch that big booty bounce everywhere as she fixed up his house. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it, and his cock grew at the sight of it. One day, she figured it was time to give her boss a thrill, so she dropped some drugs into his drink and watched him as he began to pass out. She scooped him up and brought him into the bedroom, and when he woke up, he not only realized that he was naked and bound, but he got to see his new maid’s big black shemale dick ripping a hole in her pantyhose! She ripped off her clothes and abused him, smacking his face with her dick, and then bending him over and opening up his ass cheeks for every inch of her cock. It was nothing compared to what was next for him though, as she called in two other shemale girlfriends to use his body as much as they wanted. By the end, every last one of them drained their dicks, and he grew to love being a sex slave.

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In a rare switch scene, Jayla and Tyler fuck each other fast and hard on the casting couch. Jayla whips out her huge penis and fucks Tyler before letting him stuff her glorious ass full with his thick cock. Jayla and Tyler are waiting patiently after an audition for the producers to call them when a sudden black out leaves the two hopeful actors in the pitch darkness of the green room. Jayla panics and Tyler tries to calm her down, moving in close to steady her shaking body. When the lights come back on the two are pressed against each other and the animal attraction takes over. It’s hot, quick, dirty sex between strangers who fuck each other without exchanging names or even caring if they get caught. Jayla uses her nice, thick rod of a cock to punish Tyler’s holes before demanding he fuck her with the same intensity.

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Ever wondered what happens after there’s a K.O. in Mortal Kombat and the cameras stop rolling?.. ‘Sonya Wins!… Finish Her!’, after getting her ass royally whipped by her arch nemesis, Sonya, Kitana lay flat out on the deck, beaten, bruised and semi unconscious. But just as Sonya went to lay the finishing, humiliating blow she noticed a huge swell in Kitana’s tight panties, a very large cock shaped bulge in fact. Sonya was incredibly turned on by this monster meat mound, so much so that thoughts of her winning move were far from her mind as Sonya dropped to her knees and ripped open Kitana’s pants. As Kitana came too she awoke to find Sonya gagging on her large long and fat shemale cock, almost knocking herself unconscious as she took Kitana’s weapon so deep into her throat, desperately trying to swallow the whole thing in a bout of horny passion. Instead of pushing her sworn enemy away Kitana span around to offer up her now naked ass, spreading her cheeks and begging Sonya to finger fuck her. But sexy slut Sonya was able to go one better, pulling out a massive swollen tranny cock of her own and ramming the full blooded Anaconda deep into Kitana’s ass, as her screams echoed far and wide. And after several minutes of deep, brutal ass pummelling, Sonya withdrew her bare donkey dick and covered Kitana with a warm rush of salty spunk.

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Dark skin TS Bianca Monthine barebacked

Bianca Monthine is a dark skin exotic Brazilian shemale hottie that loves sex. Watch her in this hot new hardcore scene sucking and fucking all natural for your pleasure. She gets her ass destroyed bareback in a variety of positions until she is cum blasted.

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Can you imagine being a rough and tough man and having a beautiful shemale like Kawanna De Prado rough you up? This gorgeous ebony shemale shows him exactly who the boss is. She uses her leather crop to give him a hard beating before she fills his mouth with her cock.

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Morgan is back and hotter than ever and harder than ever in this contest update where a submissive guy auditions for “America’s Next Top Bottom Idol”.
Jason has no idea what is going to happen to him.

Morgan starts him off easy with push ups and chest presses while she sucks his cock. Jason begs to please her as he struggles with the stress positions. Morgan ties a heavy rock around his balls and makes him drag it around, pulling on his cock and balls while he strains to reach her mouth for a blow job. A painful reward filled with a bitter sweet break for Jason before Morgan returns to ruthlessly fucking his ass.
Morgan brings on her home run fucking style, pounding his ass until she cums a thick wad on his back. All this before Jason’s final Bottom Idol test – cumming through a target while Morgan sits on his face, smothering him with her luscious ass.

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Sweet Sticky Treat

Here is a taste of this unbelievably beautiful blond haired black t-babe named Honey. She showed up in her workout out wear which still shows enough mocha skin to harden any cock. But she knows she can best display her bountiful curves by changing into her eye popping red corset and lace panties. She then demonstrates her skills by using her fat pink tongue and big lips to lick and suck our cameraman’s huge cock. She removes her girdle first baring her big nippled brown boobs and tight tummy. Panties off and now only wearing her silver star bling our eyes go sproing when we see her gigantic long fat brown shedick. Sprouting from her shaven crotch this monster is as thick as her wrist at the base and tapers slowly to the pointy pink head. It gets even bigger and longer as she poses and then turns to shake her gorgeous big bouncy butt. Taking our time and using the chair we wanted to show you this dark beauties body and cock from every angle before settling back on the bed. Starting off alone she fondles her fat shemeat before demanding a cock in her mouth which gets her horny as hell. She then wants to do some double dick stroking and lubes up both throbbing black and white dinks with her spit. Some final posing of her statuesque lust inducing frame as she explains that she needs cum on her mouth in order to cum herself. She keeps to her word as the cameraman jerks his jizz on her big lips and she immediately shoots a stream of love juice from giant girl pole.

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Venus has just moved in next door to a very sexy, curvy babe named Bella. The two have fiery chemistry but little courage to admit it.
After a long night out together, Bella decides she’s had enough of being a chicken, and she runs down the hall in her sheer nightie to wake Venus up.
What Bella doesn’t know is Venus was just stroking her cock while fantasizing about fucking Bella’s full, nature tits. Both girls are turned on beyond to the point of no return and they can’t help but kiss and grope on the couch. Moving to the bedroom, the sex gets steamy when Bella discovers Venus’s hard, perfect cock. The two fuck the night anyway in sexy positions that show off Bella’s amazing tits and ass and Venus incredible body and big cock.


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