There is tension in the room. Tension that both women are trying to ignore, waiting for the other one to make the move, to say the thing that will lead to a kiss, or more…But that just will not happen because both girls are too shy to say what they want. Instead they both fantasize about what it they want to do to each other.
Katja ties Tiffany up, sucks on her hard cock until she is close to cumming. So close it hurts and Katja knows it. She denies Tiffany in a painful teasing game where her cock is just out of reach of Katja’s wet pussy.
When Tiffany dreams off of fucking Katja she is buried balls deep in Katja’s ass, exploding a load so hot and big Katja is just as surprised as she is turned on.

Back and forth the game continues in their minds – Tiffany tied up getting fucked by Katja’s Strap-on. Katja tied up getting rammed by Tiffany’s cock. Orgasm denial, hardcore fucking and switch play and in the fantasy world of these two women.


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sheanimale14The young man in the strip club had no idea what he was getting into when he got a little too touchy with the sexy girls on stage. He just thought they were beautiful women with tight bodies and great tits. He thought they wouldn’t mind if he tugged on their clothes a little trying to get them off. He thought wrong though. They were beautiful shemales and they did not take kindly to his rude behavior. Even though he was waving money at them the ladies decided to teach him a lesson. In front of a large audience they fucked his virgin ass. They were much stronger than they looked at first glance and before he could do anything he was bent over the stage getting hammered up the ass big a surprisingly large shemale cock. The audience was watching and laughing and pointing and he was getting fucked so hard it was stirring up his innards. The other shemale stripper then whipped out her dick and stuffed it in his mouth so he was getting fucked on both ends. The night ended with him covered in cum and the ladies taking his money.

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This is a classic shoot from the archive featuring the hung and sexy, Sasha Strokes. Scott agrees to be the lookout while his “buddies” rob a liquor store. Getting busted is a more likely outcome than anything else and when he lands in jail he figures it has to be like it is on TV. He will get a phone call, a lawyer maybe, bail will be posted? Right? He is sweating his way through holding and after 6 hours of waiting, the door swings open. Freedom, no. Lawyer, nope…corrupt cop? Yes. His ass and mouth will learn the lesson for him as Sasha Strokes whips out her 10 inch, thick cock and delivers some amazing fucking. She plows him in every corner of his cell including the toilet.

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Today we’re featuring the Brazilian TS bombshell Cintia Matarazzo for the first time. Watch as this Brazilian shemale hotbody struts her stuff for the camera in thigh high black boots. If you’ve never seen Cintia before, you’re really going to enjoy this update of her in solo action.


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“Scream…” commands Honey. ” I want noise complaints. And when security comes to the door, I am going to answer it with my cock out.”

It’s hard to tell who baited who in this update. Honey uses her mammoth cock to part the lips of Beretta’s pussy before she plunges into her ass for a fucking that has Beretta screaming to cum. Both girls have been lusting after each other secretly hoping for this moment when they could kiss and maybe finger each other. Beretta has no idea that Honey has a hung cock under her mini-skirt. A cock so big it weights her mouth open while she sucks on it.

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I had to pee so badly! I asked for a pass to go to the little girl’s room, and when I raced in there, I heard giggling in one of the stalls. The pee feeling went away once my curiosity took over. Imagine my surprise when I went in there and saw two of my schoolgirl friends licking and sucking on each other’s massive tools! I couldn’t believe two of my best friends were shemales, and they were working on one another’s cocks and their huge tits! I lost all inhibitions after that, and grabbed a hold of the first sausage I saw. It was so long and so hard that I had to feel it in my mouth, and I always had another one waiting for me! While I sucked one, I stroked the other to keep it rigid so I could taste it next. I couldn’t suck them fast enough; I wished my mouth was bigger so I could put them both in at the same time. But better yet, I wrapped my big melons around them and milked them until they exploded all over the stall. The janitor’s going to be mad about the mess we all made!

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Old College Try

Kristen, Kala’s roommate fell in love with Tgirls after she had Priya. To make her happy, Kala asks Amanda and Nicole to visit Kristen in her dorm. Those two horny Tgirls quickly show Kristen how they love to fuck! They get an added bonus when Danie shows up to make this one hot sex orgy!

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All day the pretty girl in the pink hat sits on her porch and looks out at the massive gardens on her property. She loves flowers and to keep hers pretty she has hired this young man. He spends most of the day on his knees trimming and primping and watering the plants to make sure they look vibrant. Today the lady in pink is feeling particularly horny and because no one else is around she figures it’s time to make a move on her cute employee. She joins him in the field and instead of saying anything she simply takes her clothing off. She drops her dress to the ground and he can see her beautiful tits and her impressive and surprising shemale cock. He looks up at her in disbelief and then leans forward and takes that throbbing cock into his mouth. She tastes wonderful and he can’t believe his luck at getting to taste this beautiful girl. She likes being the one on top and it’s not long before she’s guiding her bulbous cockhead into his asshole. She fucks him deep and he loves how it makes him feel full and happy.

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shemaletugjobs8Model: Anita Volgato
Movie length: 15 minutes
Photos: 205

This redhead shemale has a pretty face and a plump body. Anita is dressed in her skimpy black lingerie with thigh high stockings on her shapely legs. She strips off everything but her stockings while she poses in front of a mirror spreading her ass cheeks with her hands to give a good view of her tight bung hole. She tugs on her shecock until it is hard and stading erect. And Anita doesn’t stop pumpin on that juicy chick dick until she is spewing her thick load.

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Jessica Fox pops Tracey Sweet’s porn cherry in this first ever shoot for the sexy blonde newcomer. Tracey looks like the girl next door who gives the best head. In this doctor/patient role play, Tracey tries to convince her therapist played by Jessica Fox, to give her a prescription for her ADHD.
Jessica isn’t buying the bullshit lies that are coming out of Tracey’s mouth. Instead she would rather stuff her cock in her tight little pussy and watch her cum. Abusing her authority she lifts up Jessica’s uniform skirt, pulls her cotton panties to the side, and slides her hard dick into Tracey’s wet, exposed, glistening, slit. She fucks her in bondage and uses her hair as a reins as she plows her tight cunt from behind.


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