Casting Couch

Everyone wants to be in Foxxy’s play. The sexual chemistry is through the roof as Foxxy slowly, sensually has her way with earnest wanna-be actor, Derrick who finds out the rumours of the casting couch are true…all of them. After failing his audition, Derrick gets a second chance to please Foxxy with his hard cock, his tight ass and his cock sucking skills. Foxxy fucks his ass and mouth on the couch and the floor. She tosses him some rope and watches as he ties himself up. Foxxy takes full advantage of Derrick’s ass, using him to milk her cock until she cums.

Catherine: The honeymoon

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Most men would find having a choice of two stunning sexy girls to choose from their dream scenario, even if both sexy bitches were packing hung tranny cocks (in fact most guys would secretly prefer that!), but for Vincent, trying to decide whether to marry his cold hearted, but loyal fiancé Katherine, or his fun and sexy, kinky, blonde mistress, Catherine, has become a living hell, torturing his very soul.. Finally Vincent fids a solution, and he decides to marry them both! After the wedding ceremony Vincent takes his two beautiful brides up to the honeymoon suit, to finally consummate their marriage. Both stunning, sexy women lay side by side on the bed, dressed in sexy lingerie, both stroking their rock hard tranny cocks, waiting to fuck! Vincent can only smile as he undresses, and gets to working on both cocks, sucking them like a starved pig. As he was sucks Katherine’s huge cock, his other bride, Catherine starts sucking his dick. Vincent is so excited he can barely hold back from exploding, and is soon burying his cock balls deep in Catherine’s tight ass. As he gets into a hard and fast fucking rhythm he fells Katherine enter his ass with her huge cock. The three of them fucked long into the night, with everyone getting a chance to fuck and get fucked. Vincent finally sucks and jerks off his lovely new wives untill they cum all over him, and then repay their new hubby, licking and sucking his cock until he shoots all over them. Vincent and his wives Catherine and Katherine lay in the bed together, sure to live on happily ever after.

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Carla Tavares 2

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It’s not the most glamorous position on the team but to be a good waterboy you have to do whatever it takes to keep the players happy.. Last week we were travelling north to an away game when the team bus broke down. We were stranded miles from anywhere. The coach and driver told us to keep occupied whilst they went to look for help. Some of the horny football players had found the cheerleaders costumes, and although the costumes look damn hot the cheerleaders had travelled ahead. This just left the guys horny. Jim, the team captain was giving me this strange look as he riffled through the short skirts, bras and knickers. I knew what he wanted. Being a bit of a girly guy I had always wondered what it would be like to dress up as a girl, and I’ll tell you it felt greeeaaaat! I could feel all those sexually frustrated sports guys eyeing me up, moving towards me, battling to get to fuck me first! Being team captain Jim went first, and I went straight for his dick, ripping his pants down and wrapping my lips around his long smooth cock. Jim was getting so into it, he didn’t even put up a fight as I span him around and started fingering his tight ass before sliding my cock deep inside. None of the other guys battered an eyelid as I fuck Jim over the front seat, they just watched, wanked and waited their turn.. The other guys weren’t so submissive and for the next hour I was taking 3 and 4 cocks at a time. All my holes were filled and I ended up covered in spunk, with warm salty juices dripping out of my ass. The only downer was when the tow truck came. But since that day the players always insist I stay behind in the changing rooms after a hard practise session.. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

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Young and Hung Tranny Topping

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The Induction Pt2

My new tranny boss had warned me not to scream too loud, as she ass raped me across the board room. When I heard a noise at the door I turned to see the hot secretary watching us. There was this cute office girl watching me on my knees blowing our shemale boss, I definitely had no chance of getting in her panties now! Or so I thought.. Rather than run out in shock the secretary just continued to watch with this horny, but shy look in her eyes. And that’s when Steffi, our shemale boss, called her over to join us. The secretary didn’t move, and so Steffi dragged me over to her. She put us both on our knees and made us compete over her long ladyboy boss cock. It was kind of hot sucking a tranny dick with a sexy chick, I must admit, and I could tell she was enjoying it too. Steffi then pulled the secretary up and started undressing her. I was still on my knees waiting to eat her pussy out, I needed to feel like a man again! But when Steffi pulled the girl’s panties down I was left with another ladyboy cock hitting me in the face! ‘Oh, well..’ And I found myself sucking on my second tranny cock of the day. Before long the shemale pair were spit roasting me like a worthless piece of meat, and I kind of liked it. The room was getting hot and sweaty and when Steffi laid us both on our backs she began to stroke our rock hard cocks at the same time, telling us ‘the first one to cum get’s a pay raise.’ Lucky for me I’d been on the verge of cumming the whole time!

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The First Furry Date

It was almost 9 and I was nervous, waiting for my blind date to final show. I had reason to be worried, this was no ordinary blind date, in fact she fury! She was known as the dog woman, travelling through town with a freak show. I’ve always been a kinky guy, willing to try anything once, but I made sure we met in the dark! She was actually kinda cute and hot, she had facial hair, and doggy features, but the hottest lady legs and bubble but I’d ever seen, I was hard as soon as I laid eyes on her! We decided to hit aclub and go for a dance, and as the drinks flowed we got on like a whore house on fire. I thought it was asure thing when she agreed to come back to mine ofr a night cap, but then she said she’s never been with a guy before, I just told her I’d never been with a hairy before and she started to laugh and relax. Once she let down her guard I was soon in her panties, only this lady doggy had a monster man doggy bone, and she was barking at me to eat it up! She fucked me so hard it was me howling like a dog, as she rammed my tight ass doggy style of course! As soon as she cam all over me we laid back and started kissing. I had fallen in love and started thinking of her fucking me hard again, even imagining how our puppies would look!

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