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Every breath fogs the tiny lens of the gas mask, blocking the dim view of the room. Hands spread and tied, legs bound to the post, his cock crammed into a chastity belt and covered with another chaste belt made for girls.
Mia slinks into the room, her latex dress slipping off her thighs as she walks. She is going to take what she wants today while he watches it happen but not by being allowed to look at her, no by only being allowed to see himself get fucked on screen, made to watch what he looks like when huge cock in his ass and struggling not cum while she strokes him perfectly.
Orgasm denial, ass fucking, latex, breath play and bondage all set up for Mia to take and get every inch of what she wants.

Picking Up a Hung Slut


I was longing for variety. The skid row of whores had the usual that night. When I was looking at a girl, I felt a buzz in my chest. I knew I had to pick her. She had this super short skirt. My fingers touched her crotch slightly feeling a hard bulge over there, and I knew that was to be a special night. I took her home and made her some drinks. When she saw the pole, she knew what to do. God that was a beautiful girl. She was dancing around it and I saw her tiny panties and the huge thing in them. I could not take it any longer. I threw myself on the floor and impaled my mouth on her cock. We played and struggled on the floor for a while before I slid my burning erection into her passage. I was on fire. I kept wrecking her ass and we were all over the place, grunting, rolling, fucking like rabbits on drugs. Juices were flowing. When I felt I was about to shoot, I withdrew and let her finish me off, my liquids running over her unforgettable body and her own dick.

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Jessica is working for a football recruit and her style of drafting involves more than just watching on field play. For a select few – who may or may never have professional football careers as that doesn’t matter to Jessica – she convinces them to show her what they have under their pads and gets the guys turned on with her groping hand jobs and soft lips.

Beau is easy pickings for Jessica and she has a special desire for his cock in her ass. She also wants to see his face when he opens his eyes while pounding her to discover he is not the only one with a hard cock. Jessica’s proud cock slaps his belly while he pumps balls deep into her ass. At first, Beau refuses to touch her cock but after accepting that his own dick has stayed missile hard inside her ass, he figures he might as well see what another cock feels like – especially one attached to a soft, big titted babe.


Jessica seduces Beau blow job by blow job and slowly she convinces him to let her push her cock into his ass. She kisses him while thrusting into his ass, and Beau can no longer resist her.
This switch scene is so hot, Jessica cums twice – once while getting fucked by Beau and then while fucking him from behind. She even uses Beau cum load as lube for his ass. She spits the milked load right out of her mouth and all over his butt hole before plowing him for her second orgasm.

The Private Beach


Like a mirage in the middle of the desert, there were these two babes, sunbathing topless on our private beach! I shouted out but they didn’t move, so I went over. Standing over them, starring at their large breast, tight torsos and soft mega curves, my balls were aching and I had to have a quick wank before they woke up.. I shot such a huge sticky load over her breasts I woke one of them, and she looked pissed off.. I tried to explain this was private land and they had to leave, but they grabbed me! Now I don’t hit women and these girls were pretty strong, they managed to tie my hands behind my back and I found myself naked, trapped on all fours.. They told me as I’d cum over their tits they were going to make me return the favour, and when they both pulled out thick meaty cocks it all made sense.. There’s not much you can do when you’re tied up by two angry trannys and there’s no one around for miles. I couldn’t even shout for help, they had both my holes filled, pumping my ass and mouth with their huge dicks, I almost cam again without being touched!.. They covered my face with so much warm shemale juice, I thought I was gonna drown!

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Rough fucking in the spa

They’re two horny sluts and there’s nothing going to stop them from fucking their brains out in the spa. The blonde has the big cock and the brunette has the ass and when they get together you’re going to see some totally nasty tranny fucking. It’s dirty and depraved and just what you want to see.

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The Kidnapping

I was walking home through the city after a drink with some friends from work and I started to get this eerie feeling I was being watched. I was dressed in some tiny shorts and stockings, which made me feel a bit vulnerable, but every time I looked around no one was there, so I thought nothing of it and continued on my way home. All of a sudden I felt something large and hard strike me on the back of the neck and the next thing I know I wake up in nothing but my stockings, my hands bound behind my back and a blindfold covering my eyes.. Everything was silent and I was scared. I could feel the presence of someone else in the room but when I called out no one answered. Then I felt my huge tranny dick being touched, I was still frightened but the feeling of that soft hand stroking up and down along my meaty cock shaft soon got me rock hard. As soon as my stiffy was fully inflated I felt a condom being draped over it, and then I found myself being dragged on top of the other person. It was confusing, as first I felt my tits rubbing against another set of huge breasts, and I felt some girly fingers slipping into my ass and beginning to finger fuck me, but I also started to feel my cock rubbing against another pumped up dick. I thought she was going to make me fuck her ladyboy ass but instead she just played with my cock for hours, milking all the cum she could, leaving it stored in the condom for her to drink later. She then fucked my boobs, ramming them with all her might until her own dick exploded all over my face! When she was done I was left alone again, still tied up and covered in tranny spunk. Part of me wanted to escape, but another part of me was hoping she’d be ready to do it all again in a few minutes..

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Black on Blonde

Michelle is a light skinned black girl with long curly blond hair, big bouncy boobs, a fat supple ass, and of course a long brown dick. She starts the set looking shy and sexy in her black shirt and skirt with matching stockings and garters. Her shirt is revealingly unbuttoned so her huge mocha tits are practically falling out when she squeezes them together. She then turns and spreads her big booty cheeks to show you where she wants you to put your cock and you can also get a glimpse of her saggy ball sack. Facing front again she hikes up her short skirt to show us her boy clit before submissively sinking to the floor to slurp on the camermans big dick. When she stands we notice she is now naked but for her gartered sexy sheer black stockings. After a dink length comparison we get more great views her supple curvy body housing her chocolate milk udders, ebony suck stick and sweet fudge hole. Before long her tan shecock is rock hard and she lays back on the bed to apply lotion for a good stroke. By massaging her balls they finally yield a creamy load of jizz through her thick brown shaft and out the slit in her blood engorged dick head.

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When Yasmin Lee shows up at you’re door you know your in for a treat. She will slowly strip in front of you showing you her sexy body. She will give you a seductive lap dance and make you want more. She will pull your cock out and make it grow in her warm mouth. She will bring you to your knees as you worship her beautiful feet. She will bend you over and slide her huge cock deep in your ass. She will be back for more..

Pink Corset Hardcore

As soon as Jason walked in he was rock hard and I took great pleasure in sorting that out for him ;)
See me suck his hard cock and for him to pound my tight ass and cover it in his cum mmmm

Thai Boxing

What happens in Thailand……. We all know Auntie Lissa has the biggest cock of them all and LOVES to use. On a layover in Thailand, she decides to catch a thai boxing match and falls in love with the ladyboy champ. They don’t speak the same language but all Lissa knows is she must have that ladyboy cock in her ass!

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