Dream of Jeannie

Captain Tony Nelson found himself stranded on a strange deserted island after his one man space craft had made an emergency landing, way off course from its planned final destination. Walking along the beach, looking for any signs of life, Tony noticed a very strange looking bottle, which seemed to roll towards him. Out of curiosity Tony picked up the funny looking bottle and, after removing the stopper, he began to rub the dirty and sand from it, but as he did so a peculiar pink smoke started to omit from the top, engulfing him in its midst. As the smoke finally cleared Tony found himself stood face to face with a exotically sexy and seductive looking female genie. Before Tony could must a question or response the genie leaned forward and kissed Tony on the lips, leaving him left stunned and aroused. She then immediately blinked and as if from nowhere a recovery helicopter was heard and then seem, flying across the ocean to collect Tony. So amazed and grateful for his rescue, Tony placed the bottle in his duffel bag and planned to take genie home with him and once home he would use his wish to set the genie free forever. Once Tony had returned to his bachelor pad he rubbed the bottle again, summonsing the pink smoke and the exotic beauty who surprised Tony once again, greeting him with a kiss on the lips. Ideas of setting the genie free seemed to escape Tony’s mind as he found it difficult to keep his arms off of her tight body as they kissed and made out passionately. Jeannie told Tony that she could make all of his fantasies and desires come true, and although he remembered his plan to set her free he couldn’t bare the idea of her leaving. Suddenly Jeannie’s clothes disappear and she was standing naked in from of Tony – displaying her swollen shemale cock. Tony smiled and they took turns sucking and fucking each other long into the night. But Jeannie had fantasies of her own, and the next day she turned Tony into a girl and fucked his pussy with her girl cock. They would even go out in public this way; sometimes as they originally were, other times they went as girls –sometimes with a cock sometimes not. They caught a lot of attention when they made out in public in their many forms, and at night they went home and ravished one another over and over.

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Pony Fuck

Hiya, what a dream shoot this was… being fucked while being on the back of a pony (literally). Best toy I’ve ever seen and ridden, and you won’t be disappoint when you see me ride this pony with a dildo fucking my little ass sure got me rock hard!!

Riding a huge tranny cock

Tgirl sex has got to be the ultimate in raw hardcore action and when you put two tgirls together the action gets downright depraved. That’s what we’ve got to show you here and just to make it all the more dirty and depraved one of these babes is hung like a horse. If you want to see one dirty tranny get her ass destroyed then come on in but you better turn the volume down because this action gets LOUD.

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The Stiff Up! Pt 2

I had cum over both the tranny bitches and I was ready to grab the money and get out of there before the cops came. But I got sloppy. I turned my back for one minute and the red head cracked me over the back of the skull.. When I came too I was pinned to the ground. I was expecting to see the cops all over me, but instead the shemale sluts had my legs spread and were getting ready to fuck me.. I winced in pain as I felt that hard cock piercing into my tight virgin ass for the first time. I wanted to break free, but they had my gun and looked way too horny to just let me go, I had to take that stiff cock like a man! They were getting freaky again, but this time I was the bitch. They took turns fucking me and having me in a spit roast – now I know how all my ex girlfriends must have felt being smacked about and fucked hard – but hey, I was starting to enjoy it!.. At one point they put the gun down, and although I was getting off on being fucked, I tried to make a run for it. Bad mistake! They had that gun back in my face before I could get out with my pants and then they threw me back over the counter and were fucking me harder and deeper than before. With my own pistol shoved in my back I was taking solid monster cock in both my holes, being thrown around the room like a piece of meat. When they finally came, they came by the bucket load and I was forced to take every drop over my face.. Finally they let me go. I may not have got out with the loot or my ass virginity intact, but I do have a new kinky secret, which I’ve been wanking over ever since!

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Bruna Castro in action poolside

Big cock shemale hottie Bruna Castro is in action today poolside. Watch this stunning shemale lay around by the pool waiting for her lover to arrive. Once he’s there the hardcore action is on, as she crams her cock down his throat and up his ass over and over bareback.

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Vivi Dantas gets fucked raw

Vivi Dantas is a super hot shemale from Brazil, she has feminine curves, a great pair of perky tits and don’t forget about her thick cock. This is her first time being featured on our network and we figured we would break her in good, watch her get fucked raw by a big cock.

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The deal is easy – ‘squirt on my cock while I pound your ass and swallow my cum and you can go.’ It’s a bargain Dylan is willing to take when the jail warden whips out her cock in the all girl holding tank.
The tall, thin, dominating Jacqueline Woods wields her cock like a weapon and takes full advantage of Dylan’s wet pussy and tight ass hole in the prison role play.


Just For Her

It had been a long day at work and the only thing I wanted to do when I got home was take a shower. My wife, Jean, was a little upset, she was in the midst of preparing a really nice meal but I was feeling hot and sweaty and really needed a good wash. As I showered I notice that I was out of my regular shampoo and instinctively reach for my wife’s shampoo thinking that the worst thing that could happen is my hair would smell a little fruity. After I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and it trickled down over my wet body, I realized something was seriously wrong and I began to scream like a girl! ‘Waht the fuck!’ it was like the shampoo had turned me into a shemale! I looked at the bottle again and it said strictly for women only, may turn dudes into shemales! My jaw dropped and so did my wife’s, as she stood in the doorway looking at my new feminina body. Suddenly I noticed Jean was oggling my new shemale body like it was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. Before I could say anything she was in the shower with me, stroking my hard cock and sucking on my new tits, and it felt fantastic! I had never felt anything that good before in my life and the original shock was gone. She sucked my cock for a while before I pulled her up and pressed her against the wall, fucking her deeply as our breasts rubbed together. I bent her over and fucked her doggy style, cumming deep inside her pussy in the warm water of the shower. Damn, that was good shampoo.

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Blonde shemale hottie Lady G

Today we have the big dick shemale hottie Lady G in the house. Watch as this beauty strips, teases and whips out her monster cock to play with. She tugs on her throbbing shecock until it unleashes a huge load of cum for the camera. There’s nothing like a horny and hung tgirl!

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Blonde TS Jesse being naughty all alone

We got sexy TS Jesse in the studio. This blonde Cali girl just got her big titties and she wanted to tease us with those sweet soft mounds until she pulled out her tranny package and gave us a real show. She loved stroking her uncut cock for us until she exploded a load.

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