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All the big guns are in San Francisco – Twitter, Google, FaceBook, Square, AirBnB and so on. The start up culture has once again stormed the city and every company is eager for the hot new talent to fill its ranks.
Company perks have gone far and beyond 401K matching and massage chairs. The competition to impress new hires is reaching a fever pitch.
Smooch Co. is currently in the lead with it’s wacky friday incentives like “dunk-the-boss” dunk tanks and celebrity book signings. This week, they have hired a professional Dominatrix to come in and teach the staff how to improve their sex lives. How progressive! How edgy!

Jaquelin is making money hand over crop doing the start-up company circuit but she truly has had enough of listening to cocky guys brag about their bedroom skills. She decides to take advantage of John – the newest hire at Smooch – and actually do a session with him. John thinks everyone has been spanked and that getting his cock was okay because Jaquelin said to do it.
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