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Sofia Saunders walks softly and let’s her cock do the talking. She is a smoking hot new addition to Doms of and we absolutely love her creative fucking and willingness to punish men in any positions.
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Today we have the sexy tranny Mylenna Bittar dressed up as a naughty police officer. Watch as this tgirl struts around showing off that big ass, then whips out her cock and strokes it until it explodes. I don’t know about you but she can definitely take me into custody anytime!


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Voodoo Tricks


He bought a voodoo doll thinking that he could punish anyone that messed with him and he got to put it to use that night in the bar. When a busty and beautiful girl turned him down he was pissed so he stuck the voodoo doll and it actually seemed to work because the next thing he knew she was totally hot for his cock. She pulled him into a dark corner of the club and they started fooling around heavily. She invited him back to her place and once they arrived she turned the tables on him with her own voodoo doll. She was much better at working the magic of the voodoo and before long she had him on his knees ready to service her thick meat. It turned out this beautiful girl was actually a shemale with a big cock between her legs. Now he was at her mercy thanks to the voodoo doll and there was nothing for him to do but take it like a bitch boy. She fucked his mouth and then she pounded his asshole hard and in as many positions as she could manage. It was a long and brutal night for the poor guy and he vowed he would never mess with voodoo again.

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“You can’t handle the Queen” says Vaniity as she looks right into the lens and right out at you. This shoot is a showcase of Vaniity’s talents as a Dom. She starts off slow and seducing, quickly turning her man on to the point of no return. Then she pounces with her rock hard missile of a cock that is unrelenting. The new guy and his virgin ass have no escape and her rips her stockings as he grips and bears her penetrating him. Every inch of her cock is a struggle for him and eventually he taps out. She is right, you can’t handle the Queen.
Vaniity milks a huge load of cum out of Vance and then turns to you in a POV pop shot finish that only Vaniity can do. She makes you feel small and hard from a million miles away.

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Gina was one horny teen tranny who constantly got erections, especially at school. She’d managed to control her urges to rape all the other boy in class by bringing in her notebook and sneaking down to the basement during break time, where she could masturbate to her favorite ladyboy porn. She loved to watch ladyboy on ladyboy, hardcore lesbian action and she could jerk her big cock for hours watching it, often missing classes as time flew by. Noticing that Gina often went missing in the afternoons, Gina’s teacher, Ms Lola, decided to follow Gina one break time, tailing her down to the basement. Ms Lola saw Gina sit in the basement with her notebook and begin to watch shemales fucking as she spread her legs and began to stroke her massive tranny meat. Ms Lola was extremely turned on and couldn’t help but slid one hand down her own panties, to stroke her mature shemale sausage. It was so hot, Ms Lola was constantly on the verge of orgasm as she wanked in synchronization with her horny ladyboy student, but Ms Lola was getting far too excited and blew her cover as she moaned too loudly. Gina noticed her teacher watching on and wanking in unison, but instead of running away or freaking out she just continued to jerk off with even more excitement, sliding two fingers into her tight ass hole as she beat her cock. With Ms Lola rubbing her tits and Gina fingering her ass as they watched each other toss off, it wasn’t long before they both began exploding with cum. As soon as they wiped themselves down they both went their separate ways, but with an unsaid promise to meet again, same time, same place, for more of the same.

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Night Shift

Antho lies there, bound by hospital restraints, helpless. The evening doctor makes her rounds later and later each night until soon it’s only the two of the them on the floor. Johanna has being evaluating her patient for over a week, tempted by his tight body and soft lips. Tonight she takes him first with her cock in his mouth. Since Johanna is respected physician – no one will believe him if he talks about these night visits and so she takes full advantage of him with her cock, electricity and ass fucking.

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Today we have a hot treat for you, the sizzling hot shemale babe Jeniffer Hills in raw hardcore bareback action. Watch as this sexy Brazilian tranny puts her big cock to work on this straight guy’s mouth and ass. The hardcore action is insane and the facial finally is jizz nasty!

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The Morg Party: As in the MORGAN BAILEY Party

Morgan has spent a year eying her co-worker, wanting to ask him if he’s ever had sex with a transsexual, if he’s ever sucked cock or even had a threesome. He’s so square and serious all the time, that the idea of breaking him in with her 8 inches is never very far from her thoughts.
On a slow Thursday afternoon, she can wait no longer and so she begins to seduce him until his cock is out of his pants and he is spilling all his dirty secrets.
Once he is so turned on, there is no turning back and the two fuck out in the open on their office couch.

Au Pair Shemale


This guy was happy that his new maid had finally made it over to his house, especially since he got to watch that big booty bounce everywhere as she fixed up his house. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of it, and his cock grew at the sight of it. One day, she figured it was time to give her boss a thrill, so she dropped some drugs into his drink and watched him as he began to pass out. She scooped him up and brought him into the bedroom, and when he woke up, he not only realized that he was naked and bound, but he got to see his new maid’s big black shemale dick ripping a hole in her pantyhose! She ripped off her clothes and abused him, smacking his face with her dick, and then bending him over and opening up his ass cheeks for every inch of her cock. It was nothing compared to what was next for him though, as she called in two other shemale girlfriends to use his body as much as they wanted. By the end, every last one of them drained their dicks, and he grew to love being a sex slave.

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