Cock Control

My God, I was horny. Unfortunately I had no one to help me out, so I headed over to the new seedy a brothel I’d heard about. I’m normally not the kind of guy who pays for sex, but I was honry and desperate. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw the girl I wanted. She was a knockout blonde in a low cut, short dress that showed off her huge tits and tight ass. I asked her how much it was going to cost me, she said “only your manhood.” I had hit the jackpot! Some crazy bitch wants to play dominatrix, that’s fine by me; I’m getting free sex. When we reached the private room I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. The blonde reached down and grabbed my hard dick and a sharp pain shot through me, especially in my chest and crotch, causing me to fall to my knees. The blonde just laughed, “How do you like your new body? I love mine.” I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw myself in the mirror. The bitch had turned me into a bimbo slut! I turned to yell at her and was shocked again. In between her legs was a massive cock. “I’ve stolen your manhood and turned you into my cock slave. All I have to do is rub my dick and you’ll do whatever I want. Allow me to demonstrate, jiggle your tits for me bitch.” Suddenly my hands grabbed my new tits and began bouncing them for her. “Good, now shake your ass.” Again I obeyed, getting up and dancing with my ass stuck out. “Now get on the bed and spread yourself.” With tears of frustration and fear in my eyes I climbed onto the bed and opened my legs for her. “Why don’t’ we have some fun my little whore?” She forcefully entered my tight ass and proceeded to pound my pussy, stretching it, and gagging me with her giant cock. As the night went on I had an o-ring thrust in my mouth to keep it open and I was tied up in various positions for her to fuck me senseless. I lost track of how many times she exploded all over me. When she was finished she left me tied and gagged on the bed in a pool of cum, saying “I’ll be back again in a bit to play with my fuck doll again.”

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Patricia Andrade fucked raw

Horny shemale nympho Patricia Andrade is in action today and man is this action hot. Watch as this petite shemale gets her tight ass stretched and pounded hard bareback. This lucky guy just fucks Patricia raw with no condom and covers her with gooey cum!

Jet Ski Fun Pt2


Laying on the jet ski, after being fucked for the first time, I didn’t realise we had drifted so far. We’d almost hit this cool speed boat but it looked deserted, until this hot chick popped up out teh water. It was embarrassing, there I am laying naked next to this hung tranny and some cute girl has caught me! I thought she’d be freak but she actually seemed turned on, and when she invited us on to her boat I was like ‘Yes please!’.. I couldn’t believe it, when the girl lifted herself out of the water she was naked and carrying a huge boner of her own. ‘What s this place?’ I was thinking, I’ve just been fucked by my first shemale and 5 minutes later there’s another one eyeing up my tight ass. You can guess what happened next. No small talk, we went straight to the fucking. This time I was getting cocks at both ends, I was fucking and being fucked at the same time, spit roasted, at one point they were both sat on me, damn these horny bitches we’re treating me like their personal sex slave. But it was cool, the kind of kinky, hedonistic orgy you dream about. By the end we were all sat in a circle choking our cocks in a race to cover each other in salty spun. It got real messy, we all kind of shot our loads at the same time, and then laid back under the sun exhausted, rubbing the cum into my skin. Man, I gotta cum here more often!

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Intimate Duo


Me and kinky Georgie are back getting intimate, this time getting comfy inbetween each others legs on satin sheets. Dressed with the burlesque inspiration in mind we get VERY close, I even mark Georgie with my very own lips on the inside of her smooth legs… it’s getting hot in here!

Welcome Czech super star, Franchezka, to She is tall, blonde, sexy hot and has a great cock. And if that’s not reason enough to watch this update, Bella for the first time on camera gets fucked in her luscious, bootilious ASS!

Franchezka is a guest at the upper floor brunch and she is getting hard just spying on Bella working the room with her soft, full natural breasts hanging out of her dress. The two rip each other clothes off in the down stairs bar set and have a little foot job and foot worship foreplay before diving into great, hardcore fucking.

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Franchezka can barely contain her own excitement and breathlessly whispers “Bella” as she cums a massive load all over Bella from all the tight fucking in both Bella’s holes.


Cock craving chick goes down on Jennifer Cortez

Shemale hottie Jennifer Cortez is in action in this new episode and horny for pussy. This chick gives into every demand this tgirl makes, resulting in this chick getting fucked hard in the mouth, pussy and ass. There’s really nothing like a chick being owned by a shemale!

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The Homecoming

A lot had changed back at the farm, Peter was returning home from University and since his great Grandpa Albert had died his young cousin Heidi had taken over the running of the farm, and Peter soon noticed what a great job she had done, everything seemed so fresh and tidy, and nothing more so than Heidi herself. When Peter spotted Heidi he could barely believe his eyes, his young boyish cousin had blossomed into a Amazonian, huge breasted babe, and when she ran up and hugged him, squashing her tits against his body, he instantly grew a massive stiffy. The two cousins had always been very playful together when they were young, growing up side by side on the farm, but nothing sexual had ever happened before, besides they were no more than 15 when Peter left and Heidi was just a young ladyboy then, not the horny, hungry shemale she is now! Feeling Peter’s erection digging into her hip, Heidi quickly began making up for lost time and dragged Peter into the barn for some privacy,. Once behind closed doors she withdrew her massive meaty cock and slid it into Peter’s mouth as she pinned him to the floor and throat fucked him. Not content with fucking Peter’s mouth for several minutes, she then rolled him over, tore down his pants and immediately began pounding her dick into his tight ass hole, fucking him until he was weeping with pleasure and pain, and quickly riding Peter’s stiff dick until she shot her gooey load all over his face and chest. As they lay back exhausted, Clara, Heidi’s farm hand entered, sporting a large ladyboy boner of her own, looking at Peter like she wanted her turn to ride that ass!

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Licking and fucking his ass

Here’s a busty bitch who packs a big cock and this fuckslut sure knows how to use it. Not only is one lucky guy going to fuck her ass he’s going to feel the pain and pleasure as she gets rough and fucks his ass too. There’s some nasty action waiting for you here and so come on in and watch this bitch play hard and dirty with some big cock.

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The Man Without Fear

Daredevil had been chasing his nemesis, the assassin, Elektra, across the city, until he finally had her cornered on the rooftop of Hells Kitchen.. With all his fighting skill and cunning, Daredevil had the amazonian uber babe Elektra trapped in his oriental nunchucks and he was certain the fight was his, as there was no way for her to escape. But little known to him, the horny nymphet Elektra had other plans.. One slash of her weapon and she was free from Daredevil’s grasp, one further slash and she had freed her huge hung shemale cock from her dress and Daredevil was sensing that something was definitely not right. Before he could cry for back up, Elektra had the masked gimp pinned to the rooftop and she was force fucking his throat, nailing his head with her huge thick tranny cock. Once she was done making the masked mummy’s boy gag on her cock, Elektra cut open Daredevil’s pants and opened up his tight virgin asshole with her fingers, before sliding her solid thick cock deep into his hole, as he wailed into the night sky for all to hear. Elektra showed no mercy, pounding his man pussy with all her might, enjoying his every scream with her every thrust. It was soon clear that Daredevil was is in fact loving every second of his butt raping and he willingly licked up every last salty drop, as Elektra unloaded her balls, covering the masked cruiser in a gallons of super human shemale spunk juice, to the delight of the man without fear..

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Just fast forward to the pop shot, watch her massive load cover his face and then go back to see what got Chanel so hot to pop like that much cum! We mean it – we spent hours and hours making this movie, but hell fuck it, watch the end for a guaranteed instant hard on and maybe even your our pop just by seeing the last 90 seconds of this update.

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