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Wily’s Revenge

Dr. Wily was seriously pissed off with MegaMan who had defeated him, once again! However this time Wily has a plan to finally get back at MegaMan, with a complete change of tact! Dr. Wily had made a busty Shemale robot ‘Splash Woman’, who once seen by the mighty MegaMan would cause him to become dangerously addicted to tranny sex, obsessed by shemale cock beyond even his control.. He unleashed his hot large cock and large breasted trans robot outside MegaMan’s home. MegaMan was not expecting any visitor and certainly not one this seductive and hot. At firt he had no clue it was a busty shemale, he was so taken back by her beauty, he was too busy blushing and starry eyed to notice her cock bulge. She quickly seduced him into bed and took MegaMan by complete surprised with her huge hung tranny cock, which see quickly used to fuck him! MegaMan tried to resist, but his lust for her body was too much and he soon found himself submitting completely, parting is butt cheeks and taking every inch of her shaft, thrust hard, fats and raw inside him.. And whilst MegaMan was having his raunchy ‘no-holes-barred’ tranny sex, Dr. Wily took over the world!

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Kinky Georgie is back, and this time we are in the fetish room together, dressed up in some killer outfits and heels (I love how we color coordinate without meaning to). I have great pleasure in being cuffed to the cross and being sub for Georgie, but it isn’t long before it gets too hot and I’m showing her my cock, as she’s showing me her tight pussy. Hot stuff!

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The player gets played in this special update featuring never seen before on TsSeduction – full sex with two smoking hot TS girls. Honey Foxxx fucks Eva Lin in a rough, hot scene, while they punish their cheating boyfriend who lays helpless and tied up beneath them.

Sebastian is a careless cheater. His ego leads him to believe he can have it all and never get caught. But all good things come to a wicked end in this update when Eva and Honey discover their boyfriends double life. The girls don’t give a shit about heartbreak – they want revenge and they want Sebastian to watch.

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He’s Queen Of The World


On the deck of a huge cruise ship, this strapping young lad was eating dinner with one of the finest pieces of ass he had ever seen. He really grew tired of just sitting there and looking at her, so he excused the both of them from the table when the waitress arrived so they could be alone. They took turns admiring the view of the ocean, ad they embraced and then played around at the head of the ship. When it was his turn to pretend to fly, he noticed something hard pressed against his ass; it was his girlfriend’s huge boner! He was so turned on that he pulled up her dress and took out her shemale cock to start sucking on it. She licked his dick too, and then turned him around to taste his asshole before plunging her dick inside of him. He held on tight as she slid in and out of his asshole, while he begged her to fuck him harder and faster. She continued to ram his newly deflowered ass until they both were ready to cum, and they both shot their loads overboard into the ocean!

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It’s a dirty business working for the mob. Some times it’s even nasty and kinky- like tonight in the dark parlour of the wealthiest house in town. And when your are this rich, and this corrupt it take much, much more to satisfy you. When Tony looses to Annalise in a high stakes poker game, she requested her debt be paid back in flesh. A simple request really for someone as powerful as Tony. Lorelei Lee shows up ready to serve and repay and Annalise takes full advantage of the smoking hot blonde that stands in front of her. Quickly she is undressed, tied up and fucked until Annalise releases her own pay load into Lorelei’s begging mouth.

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