Luana the Pro

Starring: Luana Varella
Story: When it comes to kinkiness, tranny Luana Varella is the one jumping into our mind. She grabbed more cocks than door knobs, the ill-willed joke says, and though it may be a bit rude, we have to agree that she has the experience and the skills. She gives an impressive presentation about it while she milks Erik man juices and fucks his ass.

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Connect Foreplay

I should have known something was up when the girl at the bar agreed to play me at connect 4, it’s sad enough that I had the travel game on me, but even sadder that I tried to use it as a way to pick up this hot chick I’d just met. I’m not the kind of guy who hits on girls in bars, basically because after years of rejection I’d learned not to waste my time, but this girl was so smoking hot I had to give it a shot, and moments later there we were playing connect 4 on the promise that if I won she would fuck me! I’ve never played with so much concentration, it was as if my life depended on it, and when I finally let go of that last piece to win the game it was barely seconds later and I was whisking her out of the bar back to my apartment.. I should have known again that something wasn’t right when she stopped me from groping her in the bar, despite talking with such a slutty mouth, but she was still good to her word and was all over my dick the minute we were back at my place. I was soon seeing the full picture as she slipped out of her panties and nearly took my eye out with her huge erect cock! ‘Oh, well’ I thought, ‘every hole is a goal’ was the saying we always had in college, and as long as it wasn’t my hole getting pounded I was more than happy to work my large cock into her tranny pussy. In fact I was soon addicted, I’d never fucked ass before and hearing her girly groans as I slid deeper and deeper into her tight tight ass, with her cock slapping against her stomach, I was finding it so hard not to shoot my load. And it wasn’t long before I finally did explode all over her perfectly smooth and round bubble butt!

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Nyobi is back to do what she does best.. Looking smoking hot in tight latex she takes control of her bitch boy. Putting him on his knees to worship her sexy feet. Making him beg to taste her huge black cock. Sliding her dick balls deep to stretch out his tight hole. Then shooting her fat creamy load all over his face.

Open wide

Starring: Ars Amandi, Naomi M

Story: Sometimes a tranny just needs to get it from another one who knows what it’s like to need to please the girls up top and the boys down below. So when they get together they all go wild! Those tights are really hardcore too – so that once that skirt goes up the cock is right there and so ready to go!

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Shemale cutie Paula Melo masturbating

Paula Melo is a cute shemale doll with a petite build. Don’t let her innocent looks fool you though, she can be very naughty. She strips off her skimpy black teddy in this episode showing off her beautiful body before laying back and masturbating her hard cock.

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Big cock tranny gets nailed

You get the complete package when you spend some time with Kalena Rios. She’s got big tits, a tight ass, a big cock and a hunger for hard fucking like no other. Jump into the action here and watch this horny bitch fuck her brains out .

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Welcome to Arkham City

When that bat is away, the cat will play.. Whilst Batman was out on the Gotham Streets on hot pursuit of the evil Joker, Catwoman took the chance to break in to his famous hideout; She was sure Batman had a secret collection of sex toys hidden in there somewhere (his kinky tight clothing was a dead giveaway), and she was determined to find them. As she entered Batman’s lair she was startled as the lights suddenly came on. Hoping it was a security device she slowly turned back towards the door only to see the sexy Harley Quinn blocking her escape. Not only was Harley blocking her exit but she was standing there with a monster tranny cock swinging low between her thighs. Catwoman looked at the huge hung cock in front of her and then immediately slid onto her knees and wrapped her hungry horny lips around the Harley’s huge ‘hammer’, sucking it like she was obsessed. Harley couldn’t take her eyes of Catwoman’s hot skin tight suit, looking over all her sexy curves, making her dick stronger and stronger until she just had to fuck Catwoman’s tight ass hole. Harley tore a hole in the catsuit only to find Catwoman also had a hung piece of tranny meat attached. The two horny ladyboy heroine’s got into a 69 position and began to deep throat each other, sucking as deep as they could, trying to showcase their cock sucking skills and outdo each other. Finally Harley got her chance to fuck Catwoman, she parted the kitty tranny’s tight firm butt cheeks and rammed her flesh rod deep into her ass, pounding her like there was no tomorrow. Catwoman was just as keen to fuck Harley back, and they saw the night out taking it in turns to fuck each other in the ass, for hours and hours, finally jerking off over each other, spreading their spunk all over the Batlair!

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This is IT – the best brand new girl debut ever – Venus Lux is hot, hung and ever hard as she fucks Kaylee Hilton in this reality based update that takes place in the showers.
Kaylee takes advantage of the new performer showering next to her only to end up on her knees getting nailed by the new girls huge cock.

Slim shemale gets fucked bareback

We have a new model appearing in her first hardcore bareback scene, her name is Geovanna Venus and she is a wild one. Watch as this slim nympho sucks on a big cock and takes it deep and hard in her tight ass. I am sure Geovanna will be back for more!


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Yasmin Lee – never on a first date

Mark is playing hard to get but Yasmin is playing for her hard-on. She invites Mark in after a nice date and seduces him into taking his clothes off. First it’s just kissing, then a little sucking and then… if only all first dates could be this hot.