Stripper’s Tranny Surprise


I had my eye on this new stripper all night long. There was something much different about her, and it had nothing to do with her long blonde hair, her gorgeous body, or her big tits. I was determined to find out more, so I offered her some cash to give me a lap dance for a closer inspection. That ass was so endearing that I wound up chucking even more money at her to get a private show. That’s when the fun really started! She squatted down and whipped out my dick, wrapping her lips around it while massaging my balls. I was so close to cumming, but I held it in so she wouldn’t stop. When she offered up her tits for my cum is when I saw the answer to why she was so mysterious, as her cock protruded from her panties. I gave her even more money so I could play with her dick as well. By play, I of course mean run my tongue up and down it to get her just as hard as she got me. We both jerked off on the couch and exploded all over ourselves. I wonder what she’d do if I had more money?

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In this final episode of “The Super Soldier”, Yasmin Lee infiltrates the testing facilities where Private Ruhl is undergoing the mind manipulation experiments. It’s now or never to save Ruhl from the crazed military scientist, Dr. Axel.

Axels panics when his experiment begins to fail and it is up to Yasmin Lee to save him from killing Ruhl. A tension plot turns into a sexual fantasy to be implanted on the doctor.

Yasmin uses her commanding presence and even more demanding cock, to top both of the men in a sexy threesome. She dominates both men with her incredible fucking prowess and stamina. But will she be able to destroy the secret weaponry and save Private Ruhl from the his fate as a lab rat? Only one way to find out.

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Sexy black tranny Tiffany

This all American chocolate doll is Tiffany. She should be on a pedestal. She sparkles, is multi-faceted and worth her weight in expensive diamonds. She shows us all her sexy layers and strokes her thick black cock until it explodes a rainbow of sweet tasty cum.

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Horny big cock shemale Lourranny Kelly is in raw bareback action today topping this guy and destroying his tight ass. She starts off slow with a little foreplay by feeding him her big cock. But she finishes with a bang, pounding his tight ass and leaving him covered in cum.

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Wonderful Blind Date


His friend set him up on a blind date and when he arrived he couldn’t believe that there were two beautiful girls waiting for him. What a good friend! He was a little nervous at first; he’d never dated one woman as beautiful as either of these girls, let alone two! They went out for a meal and when his drink arrived one of the girls distracted him while the other slipped a pill into the fizzy soda. These ladies were on a mission to find a fuck toy, as it turned out. When he woke up he was naked and so were they. The unexpected thing was that they both had big shemale cocks! The ladies had drugged him and brought him back to their apartment where they would use him. They even had a third roommate that was going to get in on the action! He was helpless because the drugs were still in his system making him feel drunk and woozy. After loosening up his asshole the ladies with dicks began fucking him hard, burying their bones in his body and doing it with such power and authority that he couldn’t fight back. It hurt but it felt good too. By the end of the night he was covered in cum and feeling ready to pass out. The next day he barely remembered any of it but he felt like it was fun.

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Nazi Amanda vs. Comrade Nicole

Amanda is watching an 80’s music video marathon on TV and sees a video called “Twilight Zone.” She nods off and dreams of being a Nazi riding on her motorcycle riding through the Russian countryside. A cute Russian schoolgirl catches her eye so Amanda stops for some fun. Comrade Nicole sees the German motorcycle parked outside and decide to see what is going on. Who will win this sexy battle? Find out here!

Gym Lesson

Tammy and Tiny were two ordinary everyday 16 year old high school girls- who just happened to both have rather large penises. They didn’t bother anyone and enjoyed their friendship and times together in and out of school. Since they had gangbanged Jacob, the school bully, nobody messed with the cute tranny twosome. But although Jacob no longer bullied anyone, he had become a bit of a sissy, and wouldn’t stop following the couple around, begging for more cock. It was during an after school game of basketball, in the gym, when Jacob took things too far! Jacob wouldn’t stop rubbing Tammy ‘s and Tiny’s crotches, at every chance he got he groped and grabbed the girls, finally tearing off Tammy’s brand new bikini bottoms. The sweet teen shemales decided it was time to teach Jacob a lesson he wouldn’t forget! They suddenly started stripping off and teasing Jacob, flashing their panty bulges, fingering their tight pussies and stroking their hung cocks, drawing Jacob in closer, luring him to join in the fun. Before you could say ‘teen tranny trio’ an afterschool orgy was in full swing, as Jacob feasted on Tiny’s ass, burying his tongue in her behind, as deeply as he could. Tammy took over, mouth fucking the hungry kid, sliding the full length of her shaft down his willing throat, before both girls took it in turn to fuck him senseless. As soon as both of the trans girl were ready to come, they put Jacob on his knees and prepared him for the cum fountain of his life, stuffing their cock in his gob and spurting seemingly endless amounts of salty spunk. Jacob was almost choking, struggling to swallow the huge loads as his eyes watered and he almost passed out. Both the girls watch and laughed as Jacob sat covered in spunk unable to speak. ‘Be careful what you wish for, Jacob, you might just get it!’.

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Hawaiian Vacation Part 2

In the first part, Priya got to know Leilani, an old college friend of Smitha. In part two, we see what happens when competitive twin sisters get horny in a tropical paradise! You thought Amanda and Nicole were bad, wait until you see these two horny sisters!

Dr. Yasmin Lee has another first time patient. Ranger is a sex addict with a taste for pussy. But when he is treated by Dr. Lee his fantasies stir in a different direction. His sexual desires become more intense. He cant stop thinking about Yasmin, Rangers imagination runs wild with thoughts of her body pressed against his. He longs for her warm cock in his mouth. He dreams about Yasmin being inside his ass until he cums.