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Jessica’s new roommate seems a little square. She’s timid and wholesome. Two things Jessica is not. After some convincing, Jessica gets Lia to agree to a night out on the town. Only when Lia comes down from her room all dressed for a night of boys and partying, Jessica can not get over how HOT her seemingly innocent roommate looks in her skimpy dress.
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Lion-O had been letting his horny curiosity getting the better of him, it was the height of mating season and he couldn’t stop spying on Cheetara, trying to get a glimpse of her lovely kitty tits. His best chance finally came as Cheetara went down to the waterfall to bathe. Lion-O hide amongst the rocks and with one paw down his pants he watched on as Cheetara stripped down to her athletic babe-alicious figure. Peeping at her large firm breast was not enough for Lion-O and he climbed closer to get a better look at what he expected to be a furry kitty pussy, but instead saw the biggest cock you could imagine. He instantly let out a loud gasp which was heard by the semi naked Cheetara. Cheetara immediately spotted Lion-O, and being the fastest of all the Thundercats, she was there stood above him before he could even get up. Cheetara started pawing at Lion-O’s pants, as for her it was only fair that he show her his Lion cock seeing as he had now seen her hung tranny weapon! But Lion-O was ashamed; he had a very small dick and knew she wouldn’t be impressed. His cock size mattered very little to Cheetara because her plans involved inserting her massive member into his ass, rather than any other way around! Lion-O tried to escape, at first sight he was excited by his shemale discovery, and was even open to the idea of being fucked for the first time, but once up close it was clear Cheetara’s gigantic cock was too big for him, and perhaps any ass in the world to take! Though Lion-O tried to escape he was soon lassoed by the anaconda cock and dragged back, pinned up against the rocks and impaled on the large lady log. Lion-O had to summons all his strength to get through the pain of his brutal ass pummelling, eventually managing to almost enjoy the horny encounter, before taking the creamiest of creamy cum facials!

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Nyobi’s last shoot ever seen here on Today the sweet and sexy Nyobi punishes her submissive male cock slave, Dean. She has Dean on his knees for most of the shoot as he sucks her huge cock. Nyobi is so dominant and unbelievably hot as she rams his ass. Her curvy ass and hips pounding deep into Dean’s tight cheeks. When she is satisfied and ready to pop, Nyobi cums on Dean’s face. Thank you Nyobi Khan for an amazing show and for all the great ass fucking you have provided.

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In this world it’s survival of the baddest. I’m a career criminal and take pride in what I do. I like to be organised, but every now and then things just don’t go to plan.. I had been casing this small time cafe for a few days. It made a good trade in the mornings, but it was dead in the late afternoon and the takings were there for the taking! I was ready to bust in and do my thing, there was only one waitress chick on staff and a pretty hot female customer, who just wouldn’t leave, so I decided to bust in waving my pistol. I knew it would shake them up and I’d get the money, and maybe a bit of fun – these stuck up chicks love a bit of rough! The girls were both hotter than I thought and with a gun in their face they were willing to do anything, so before I took the loot I grabbed the horny waitress by her hair and pulled her down to suck my stiff cock. She did a pro job slurping away, but it was even better when I had the other chick down there, and they were both working my dick. I was so stiff I just had to fuck some pussy, but when I threw the redhead over the table and ripped down her panties, she had a rock hard cock shooting out. ‘What the fiuck!’.I needed to fuck something so a piece of tight ass was good enough. After pounding away for a while I wanted to change to the waitress chick, and guess what, she was also a hung tranny bitch! Rather than freak out I was enjoying getting balls deep in all this anal pussy, and these freaky shemales were really enjoying being slapped around. When I was ready to shoot my load they were fighting over who’d get to eat it up. Damn, these trans bitches love cock!

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Nothing will stop these two private academy hotties from fucking in detention! Kelly and Roxy grab at each other, pull up their uniform skirts, groping, kissing, and grinding.

Roxy asks if the rumours are true, “do you really have a big cock?”. Kelly answers by moving her panties to the side and show Roxy what she desperately hopes is the truth. Kelly’s thick cock slaps at her pussy, then slides it inside her. The fucking is epic, fast and hard. Kelly keeps her cock deep inside Roxy, pulling out only to feel her squirt everywhere and lick at her wet, fresh fucked pussy.


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It was my first day of nurse night school and a couple of the older girls had kept me behind after training to give me my initiation. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but most of all, I was scared they would discover my big secret.. Life isn’t easy when you’re a sexy looking girl, trying to hide a surprise 8 inch horse cock in your panties. It’s even harder when you’re being held down by two super hot ladies in nurse’s uniforms. There was no way I was going to hide my meaty tool, it was rock solid and making a huge bulge in my blue nursey knickers. Just when I thought I was busted, one of the girls ripped down my panties and began sucking my stiff twitching dick. I thought they would be shocked and scared, but it was me who had the surprise on my faces as the other sexy nurse pulled an even bigger man cock from her panties and pushed it towards my mouth and through my wet lips. Before I knew it I had one of the girls sitting on my cock, sliding up and down in sheer orgasm, whilst the other was lubing up her solid meat, getting ready to fuck my bubble butt. After a hard first day at school, this was the perfect way to let off my tension, and all three of us were fucking and sucking with passion, like real cum starved bitches. As i was the newbie the other girls were paying me all the attention, but as our cocks began to erupt with salty spunk, we made sure everyone got a good soaking and facial.. If this is what nurse school is going to be like, I hope it never ends!

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Tameaka comes across as very quiet and shy but when she gets her pants off she becomes one horny black bitch with a cock. She starts the set looking cute and demure sitting in the chair before standing to give as a better look at her firm sexy body. Wasting no time she pulls her dress up to reveal her bright red underwear and then turns to show her booty. Dress off she retains her sexy bra and then ever so slowly inches down her panties from behind. Here perfectly round and hard ass is centered by a nice tight cock craving asshole and hanging below are her large black balls and cock. She slides her panties to her feet and then stands and turns cock out in full glory. From the front we see she has a good patch of curly hairy pubes and some unusual star tattoos across one leg. She brings her legs up and gently strokes her dick and balls with both hands until her cock sticks straight up hard. She then reaches for the cameraman’s cock which is only too happy to be sucked while she jerks her own dick. We get more views of her floppy but hard black shedink before she wants some more cock in her mouth as she gets ready to cum. When this happens it is a great flood of multiple gooey white eruptions which cover her thighs and torso.

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One Night Stand: Some Things Don’t Go as Planned

Sarina dominates the scene once again in a steamy seduction of her new boss.

Start up companies hire all the hip, hot talent they can find, and Brian sees a spark in Sarina that he wants to take advantage of at home more than the office.
After a night of happy hour cocktails, Brian convinces Sarina to break her rules and come home with him. The heated kissing on the couch is moving fast and Sarina tells Brian if he wants her to suck his cock, he better be willing to suck hers…the night just got a lot more interesting…