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Dressing Up


I kind of knew Andy was having a bad time with his girlfriend, I figured she wasn’t putting out, he always seemed so angry and frustrated, he was a real pain to live with and most of the time he was taking it out on me.. Andy had actually been nice to me that morning and when Lucy went out for the night he began hanging around my room, as if he wanted to tell me something. Finally he seemed to pluck up the courage and came into my room with a bag of clothes. He threw the bag at me and told me to get dressed. In the bag were some of Lucy’s lingerie and a pair of high heels. I didn’t want to put this stuff on but Andy is a big guy and he had this mean and determined look on his face, I thought he was going to kick my ass.. I was order onto the bed and bent over on all fours with pink stockings rolled up my legs and a skimpy pair of lady panties on which he parted to one side so that my cock and balls hung free. My heart was beating at 100 miles an hour as he unzipped his pants and thrust his cock through my lips, forcing me to give him deep throat head. I thought it was going to hurt, he had a huge cock and his balls were filled with a week’s worth of hot spunk, but the pain soon turned to pleasure and I had a massive boner as I rode his dick in the silky stockings. It wasn’t long before we were both spraying our spunk over each other, wondering if we had time to do it all again before Lucy came home and spoiled our fun!

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TS Yasmin Lee as Cleopatra

Yasmin Lee sweats in the soaking desert heat that fills her palace. Her well trained slave diligently fans her sleek, sexy body, a distant horn sighs in exotic rhythm. This is Yasmin’s palace. This is Yasmin’s every wish being serviced by a hot, obedient servant.

Made to worship her, the slave does his job, trying desperately not to get turned on by kissing her feet and body. He does not want to do anything that he is not given permission to do. Yasmin’s throbbing cock below her lace panties, is making his desire to stay soft impossible. She releases his hard cock and teases him with her mouth. He could cum in this moment, but knows better.

Yasmin continues to use her slave, fucking his ass, rubbing her own porcelain hard dick on his ass cheeks before plunging into his tight hole.

The night heat blazes on and every demand of Yasmin’s is met until she is ready to unload on her submissive. A long stroking of hot cum flows from her onto the face and mouth of her slave. He can barely contain his own cum and bursts as soon as she says, “cum for me”.

Hot babes and total depravity

There’s no doubt that these two babes are hot and they sure do pack two big cocks. When you first see them you know that the fucking is going to go off the dial when they get together. So grab your cocks and jump into some nasty big cock tranny depravity.

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Brazilian shemale Emilly Weickert

Emilly Weickert has a very loyal following and once you see her in this hot red outfit you will understand why. Watch as this firey Brazilian shemale dances around teasing and showing off her big thick cock. This hottie doesn’t just tease though, watch her masturbate and shoot a big load!

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Super Sexy Mario

Mario had done a lot for tehe Princess over the years, with very little in return, he knew that she was a lesbian but he would have appreciated a little more than a kiss from time to time. Finally things seemed to be changing and the Princess invited him over for a reward. Mario was very suspicious, especially as she was being so friendly and kind, and his suspicion only grew when the Princess put her hands down his overalls and began to jerk his stiff little cock off. Mario tried his luck and slipped his hand up her dress and started fingering the Princess’s pussy, and instead of receiving his usual slap she seemed to be enjoying it, softly moaning as he search for her stiff clit.. Mario suddenly had a bad feeling something wasn’t right, the Princess wasn’t just jerking him off she was rubbing some kind of potion into his cock! Mario suddenly ran for the exit screaming but he was starting to feel feint, and then next thing he knew he was blacking out and collapsing to the floor.. When Mario came too he immediately knew something strange had happened, his body felt very different, he was taller, his legs were longer, and smoother, and then catching his reflection in the mirror he saw that he had been turned into a hot girl! Looking down between his legs he noticed he still had his cock, in fact it had grown considerably, and was such a size even a prize donkey would have been proud! The Princess wasted no time in making her intentions known, she began sucking Mario’s new ladyboy cock and demanded that he fuck her senseless, something he was more than happy to do! Mario fucked the Princess in the ass, hammering her tight behind in every position imaginable, pounding away, trying to force his huge weapon deeper and deeper with every stroke. Finally he could hold back his cum no longer and he took aim and fired a massive mountain of gooey spunk, covering her face. Mario didn’t know if this potion meant he would forever be a shemale, but if it meant he would get to fuck the Princess in the ass every day and night, it was a small price to pay!

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Shemale Leticia Rodrigues in black lingerie

Today we feature the always stunning shemale hottie Leticia Rodrigues. Check out this sexy shemale in her skimpy black and red latex lingerie, you’re gonna like what you see! Leticia starts by showing off her feminine body and then quickly gets to work on her amazing ts cock.


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White and Tight

Anything with ‘tight’ in the title has to be good right? No chance of hiding my hard cock in these tight white leggings and why would I… it’s all on show for you to see and felt amazing slipping my hand down my leggings and letting it out.

Kink Studios Tour Guide Porn

Jacqueline Woods makes her debut shoot with another fresh face model, Nikki Darling.

This will not happen on your tour. OR will it? Tour guide, Jackie Woods, trains a new recruit on the epic and compelling history of the Kink Armory. Jackie is preparing Nikki to lead the weekly tours given here of all floors from the dark dungeons to the Edwardian top floor.
The does not include sex, but Nikki doesn’t know that and Jackie sure isn’t going to be the one to tell her.
Instead Jackie seduces Nikki and soon has her bound and spread, licking her pussy and making her cum. Nikki doesn’t put up a fight, she just strains against her ropes and has a hard orgasm. While she’s cumming Jackie pulls out her hard, long cock and slips it into Nikki’s mouth.
Jackie tops Nikki, spreading her pussy to show it contracting in a post-orgasm pant. The two fuck all over the bar and Jackie squirts a big load all over Nikki’s face while making her cum.


Rafaela Lohan gives a guy an ass pounding

Rafaela is on her way to a party when hear car stalls out. She opens the hood and a helpful guy stops by to help. She notices his thick bulge in his pants, reaches back and strokes that meat until he fixes her car and her ass until they are both running like clockwork.

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