Special Girl: The Peach

Special girl was working undercover as a maid, ready to make her move and arrest ‘The Peach’. The Peach was a major pimp player and hustler who was starting to make big moves in the bad guy game, it was time to bring him down and stop his game and this special girl was just the right person to stop him. Knowing of Peaches nympho sex addiction the plan they had a cunning plan.. Once she received the go ahead, special girl slipped into the tub waiting for ‘The Peach’ to come for his bath. When he entered she yelled surprise to the startled gangster. But the surprise wasn’t the naked chick in his bed, the surprise was the reason she was such a special girl, her 12 inch monster cock, which hung low between her thighs.. The peach couldn’t help himself and immediately stripped off and lay with his mouth open, ready to service the meaty weapon which was heading towards his lips. ‘The Peach’ wasn’t just a notorious gangster, he also turned out to be a notoriously good cock sucker, sucking special girls special tool like he was sucking the meat of a chicken wing. Once special girl was horny enough, she lubed up his ass and got to work on pounding him senseless. ‘The Peach’ was pant, moaning and groaning, loving every salivating, ass busting minute of his butt banging, and just when he was at his most vulnerable, laying naked and exhausted with an ass full of spunk special girl planted the cuffs and called in for backup!

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Body Guard Porn: TS Aubrey Kate & Her Man

Aubrey is the daughter of a high profile American Politician. She has guards with her at all and this kind of isolation has made her close with one particular bodyman. They have been sneaking around, fiddling with each other every night and she has lets him cum inside her every time. Tonight, though, she is going to change the roles. Aubrey is going to make her man, her slave.
She slips out of her professional politician daughter wear into sleek black lingerie and orders him in to her room.
He is hard just walking into the room and when he exposes himself to her, Aubrey makes him jerk off while she touches her own cock. He cums in a thick load all over her stockings and she makes him lick it up.

After sucking her cock, he is hard again fast and but Aubrey doesn’t want his cock, she wants him to take hers and take it will.

The fucking is intense and full of painful moans mixed with pleasure until she is ready to cum in his mouth. But the night is not over – Aubrey makes her man jack his cock one more time until he explodes all over her ass and licks her clean.

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TS Monik Lorran fucked bareback

Monik Lorran is one of the sexiest shemales you will ever lay eyes on and nothing beats watching her get fucked barebacked. Check out Monik in these hot new scene sucking cock and getting her hot ass pounded by this guy with no condom in sight!


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Clown Curtain Cum Cock

Sexy Vegas T-girl Chanel starts the session posing in front of the clown colored curtains in her belted aqua mini dress. This dog collared dark skinned shemale has a striking look with her bob haircut and heavily shadowed and long lashed eyes. Stripping to her patterned bra and bright blue panties you can tell she is a dirty girl as she sticks her pink tongue out at the camera. Getting hornier she first gives us a peek at her cock craving A-hole before reaching into her bulging panties exposing her hairy black pubes. Of course she loves to suck dick as well so she slurps on the cameraman’s big cock as she fondles herself sitting in the chair. She and we are hot as hell now as she rips off her shorts and jerks her big black dick with a cock in her mouth again. Her bracelets jangle as she hammers on her hard dink and when ready to cum she tenses her thighs and leans her head way back. Her curving ebony cock finally erupts in a deluge of gooey white cum which she admires and plays with for several minutes.

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Shemale pornstar Juliana Araujo cums hard

It’s always a thrill to see the fabulous shemale pornstar Juliana Araujo in hardcore action, especially when that action is bareback. Watch as this shemale superstar gets her mouth and tight ass fucked relentlessly by a horny big dick stud with no condom, the action is raw!


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Exotic shemale Yasmin Andrade fucking guys tight ass

Yasmin Andrade is an exotic shemale with a talent for sex and she shows it in this scene. This horny shemale and straight guy are going insane today, taking turns sucking each others cocks and barebacking each others asses until they’re both left with a mouthful of cum.

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Toya and Sebastian are more than just under cover cops – they have been secretly dating and the tension is starting to get to Toya. She wants to expose their affair and face the consequences of a departmental romance with her boss. But Sebastian is up for a promotion and doesn’t want to risk being turned down and reprimanded. He claims that he’s not ready to tell everyone because he wants the sex to be more exciting before he fully commits to her – this lame excuse gets him ambushed and punished by a pissed off Toya.
In the darken hotel room, Toya takes her boyfriend by surprise, tackling him and pinning him to the bed. She puts a hood on his head and doesn’t let him see her until she is cumming all over his face. Her black dick is long hard and fills his white ass up to the brim. He begs but she doesn’t care. His hard cock is all the permission she needs to keep going. And in the end, she dumps him for being a jerk. The take away? Don’t mess with Ms. Toya and her big, black cock!

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Rough tranny bareback sex action

Watch as this guy destroys TS Yume Farias mouth and ass all natural bareback style. He crams his cock deep down her throat and then deep up her ass over and over until she can’t take anymore. If you like it rough and with no condoms, you’ll love this!


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Shemale doll Geane Peron


Geane Peron is here and you will be glad she is! Check out this blonde newcomer getting buck wild in hardcore bareback action. She fucks this guy’s mouth and ass raw with no condom until she blasts a load all over his face. We will have much more of tgirl Geane Peron to come.

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The Blind Date Pt1.

I’m young , rich and handsome, but it’s hard to find a date in this town. I work so hard I don’t have the time to hang around bars and clubs, or on the internet. So when a friend said he could set me up with this hot new chick in town, of course I agreed to go on a blind date!.. I invited her to join me at my restaurant. We were to be completely alone, with plenty of aphrodisiacs on the menu!.. When she turned up I was overjoyed, she looked stunning – tall, blonde and with a big rack and skimpy outfit, I was already planning my moves.. After some small talk, I was getting her laughing and went for ait; I walked around the table and went to give her a back rub, but she immediately pushed me away. I thought I’d blown it, but before I could apologize she had unzipped my pants and was blowing me! I guess she had noticed I was carrying a huge boner! I didn’t know what to say, it had been so long since I got laid with someone who wasn’t a hooker – ‘damn, I hope she isn’t a hooker!’ – and with my pants around my ankles and her lips wrapped around my bell-end, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed myself.. Before I knew it she had thrown me over the table and was straddling me cowgirl style – that bitch was strong! – only when I opened my eyes again I noticed she had a huge boner of her own! And when I gasped in shock she saw this as an invitation to slide her meaty tool into my mouth!.. To be honest, it felt good.. I loved kinky sex, and now I was in my restaurant looking out at view of the whole cityscape whilst being bent over the table and fucked by a sexy tranny! She fucked me, sliding in and out of me with her huge dick, banging me in every position she could think off, slowly, quickly, deeply, before throwing me back in the chair and spurting warm spunk all over my face. I just lay back covered in gooey sperm trying to work out if this was the main course, dessert, or only the starter!

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