White and Tight

Anything with ‘tight’ in the title has to be good right? No chance of hiding my hard cock in these tight white leggings and why would I… it’s all on show for you to see and felt amazing slipping my hand down my leggings and letting it out.

Kink Studios Tour Guide Porn

Jacqueline Woods makes her debut TsPussyHunters.com shoot with another fresh face model, Nikki Darling.

This will not happen on your tour. OR will it? Tour guide, Jackie Woods, trains a new recruit on the epic and compelling history of the Kink Armory. Jackie is preparing Nikki to lead the weekly tours given here of all floors from the dark dungeons to the Edwardian top floor.
The does not include sex, but Nikki doesn’t know that and Jackie sure isn’t going to be the one to tell her.
Instead Jackie seduces Nikki and soon has her bound and spread, licking her pussy and making her cum. Nikki doesn’t put up a fight, she just strains against her ropes and has a hard orgasm. While she’s cumming Jackie pulls out her hard, long cock and slips it into Nikki’s mouth.
Jackie tops Nikki, spreading her pussy to show it contracting in a post-orgasm pant. The two fuck all over the bar and Jackie squirts a big load all over Nikki’s face while making her cum.


Rafaela Lohan gives a guy an ass pounding

Rafaela is on her way to a party when hear car stalls out. She opens the hood and a helpful guy stops by to help. She notices his thick bulge in his pants, reaches back and strokes that meat until he fixes her car and her ass until they are both running like clockwork.

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Forest Hotties


The beautiful forest nymphs are enjoying a day under the shady canopy when a witch comes down from the sky and casts a spell on them. She’s going to make their lives a whole lot different by giving them enormous shemale cocks and sex drives that they can’t control. Suddenly they’re turned into obscenely horny shemale sluts and all they want to do is fuck. Luckily they’ve got each other and they don’t have to look far for a passionate girl to get naughty with. It starts with simple stroking and soon develops into something far more interesting. The deep, sensual kissing is just the start of the fun as the sex is what really drives these two shemale elves wild. The babe in the yellow bow gets ass fucked first and even though her lover’s shemale cock is huge it feels good massaging the insides of her body. She likes how deep it goes and she can’t wait to do some fucking of her own. She wants to bone tight ass and the two of them are going to screw until they both cum and are completely exhausted.

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Feeding The Wolves: Ts Danni Daniels takes Prey

If getting fucked was like riding a roller coaster, Danni Daniels would be the worlds scariest ride. She’s hung, she’s relentless and she gets hard just looking at you. She unleashes her beast side today and unloads on her target, DJ.
His ass takes a BEATING from slow to fast to slow again. Like climbing that first hill in that clanking roller coaster cart just to be plunge into oblivion from the peak or in this case the tip of her 9 inch dick.
DJ is edged to almost pain, painted on with lipstick and when she cums, Danni squirts all over the “whore” that is written in read across his chest. Saying DJ was used is an understatement.

Fuck Machine

Hey, well after last weeks updates I thought I would carry on the trend and treat you to a double Jordan Jay update, with my first being another great fuck machine… gotta love them. Especially when they give you a good hard fucking (never lets you down), think I’ll have to purchase one for my bedroom…

You’re a Lifesaver!

One fine sunny day on my holidays I was having a relaxing swim at an almost deserted beach I’d found. I had swam out quite deep, a bit too deep in fact as I was suddenly caught in a dangerous current. The water started to pull me under and the next thing I know my world is fading to darkness.. I then came too, laying on the beach with a gorgeous tanned blonde babe lifesaver giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation, I thought I must have died and gone to heaven, or at least the set of Baywatch! She giggled as I began to cough up a little salty water whilst growing a huge bulge in my modest sized swimming trunks. “You know, I might have something that will clear your airways a bit better” she said with a sly grin, and pulled aside her bikini to reveal a hardening cock of her own!!! ‘This must be heaven’ I thought to myself, starring at the largest fully pumped cok I’d ever seen, attached to the most stunning feminine girl. Of course I needed to make sure there were not any remaining blockages in my throat so I opened up and guided her thick meaty member deep into my mouth, as it barely fit down my throat! After gagging on her long shemale dick for several minutes, feeling her force her salami deeper and deeper, thrusting and skull fucking me, she then pulled my pants down and began to finger my tight ass until it was open enough to enter. I remember looking around at the wide open beach as she slowly fucked me in the anus, gradually building up speed until she was pounding me, with her thighs crashing hard agains and slapping loud against me with every pump. After she was done I returned the favour and blew my load all over her tanned sweet cheeks!!

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Jimmy meets World


We all know Alexis is a busy woman. To do a few chores around the house, she hires the boy next door. When she comes home from work to find the boy in her lingerie, there will be some hot, steamy results. Alexis’ big, fat cock might find a new place to play!

Cop taken to a Sci-fi lab and fucked by Ts COCK

In this tribute to Science Fiction, Jessica Host traps a cop in her laboratory and channels the strength of 5 of her clones to ruthlessly fuck him.
She takes her time fucking his face and ass, working his hole until he can no longer take her huge cock. His wet mouth milks her cock and she makes him suck her off until she cums all over him.

A Piece of Art

Starring: Luana Varella
Story: Jack, the art lover and hobby collector of antiquities simply loves to visit old antiquity stores in hope of finding some real piece of art. Today he has luck, although not in the conventional sense. The treasure he finds is Luana Varella and her â?” so to say â?” irregular jewels which surely makes every collector excited… so does Jack.

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