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The Halloweenie Pt.1

‘Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and ladyboy balls bubble’ Evalina, the tranny witch, was attempting to cast a horny spell on a dark Halloween night. As her spell was cast Evalina expected a hung stud to appear at her door, but instead she was met by Brian, the local monk who was keen to share his knowledge of constellations, and other nerdy facts. Not to let an opportunity go to waste, Evalina invited Brian in, out of the cold, and once inside she decided to give the geeky young stud a little private dance. In her satin stockings, velvet corset and slutty high heels, Evalina attempted to seduce Brian, hoping she’d finally get laid, but he showed little notice or any interest at all. So Evalina referred to her spell book again and cast a spell that not only removed all of Brian’s clothes in an instant, but caused his cock to grow to the size of a horse’s. At this sight of his hung piece of flesh, Evalina dropped to her knees and began to munch away. Evalina ate away at his cock, gagging on every thick inch, as her eyes watered and Brain groaned like a wolf howling at the moon. Finally Evalina removed the large cock from her mouth and span around, desperate to feel the huge dick in her tight ass hole. Brian was like a possessed dog, fucking the tranny witch in every position imaginable, forcing his cock as hard and deep as he could in her hungry hole, until finally, he unleashed and almighty cum shot, covering the exhausted shemale in his warm jism juice.

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Alessandra loves to play with any hard cock she can find and this time she’s hooked up with a guy who can give her plenty of the big hard cock that she craves. But this babe likes to play both ways so if he wants to get his cock deep into her ass then he’s gonna have to take some hard ass fucking of his own. Come on in and watch the action as this guy give up his as just so he can get a piece of hers.

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Franchezka has taken a seasonal job as the wardrobe mistress in Santa Land. She HATES Christmas and dressing all the photo elves and mall Santas is the worst thing she has ever done for money. She is about ready to set the green room on fire, when her long lost Russian student comes barreling down the stairs to the costume loft. Mona and Franchezka lock eyes and the memory of their fiery fuck fest in the Russian library almost appears in a thought bubble between them. These two have serious chemistry and they re-unite among the Santa costumes and elf shoes.

Franchezka’s cum shot all over Mona shows her in how much she’s missed her. The cum just keeps on coming!


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Slim and beautiful ts doll Laviny Albuquerque is outside on a beautiful summer day for some solo action. All this horny shemale needed was a chair to have a good time on this hilltop today. This horny blonde hottie puts on a hot striptease and masturbates her cock for you.

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She Bottoms to her Cock, She Bottoms to her Vagina

Wha? Exactly. There is so much going on in this scene you will be able to pick your favorite part and still have more options.
Joanna Jet and Penny Barber switch in this fantasy dungeon scene that comes to life when Joanna slips in her kitchen while doing chores.
Penny’s dark world involves rope and commands to earn worth. Joanna is a tied up toy with her hard cock exposed for Penny’s demands. She climbs all over Joanna’s cock, cumming while Joanna works hard to get her off.

Then, in ultimate fantasy world, Joanna becomes the top and Penny must submit her ass and mouth to Joanna’s wicked, hardcore fucking prowess that climaxes in a thick pop shot.


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The new sorority loves Priya. A girl with Priya’s large cock becomes very popular at the all girl sorority. So popular the president of the chapter has to meet Priya. The chapter president know how to use a strap-on as Priya quickly finds out!

Don’t ask, don’t tell – just suck it

Foxy has her way with a brand new ts virgin, Jack.
Jack is on the edge of being kicked out of the military. He will do anything to stay in and Foxy has just the “anything” for him. She slaps his face and ass, runs her nails down his chest, has him suck her beautiful 10 inch cock. Then it’s time to bend over and grap his ankles as Foxy’s rams his ass and cums all up his back. Does he satisfy her enough to keep his post? Watch and find out!

Bloxland Bang

Cecilia, the local shemale slut, woke up to the sound of sirens on another sunny day in Blox Land. The tarty tranny fucktoy was slightly annoyed to be awoken so early, as she has been working the yellow pathed streets in her high heels and fishnets stockings all night, sucking off elderly gentlemen and lonely businessmen in the backs of the corgi cars. With her nipples hard and pert and a hung hard-on the size of a matchstick, Cecilia waddled over to the window to see what the commotion was about. It was police officer Peter arriving for his Monday morning ladyboy fuck! Cecilia always fucked Peter for free, not because he was the number one cop in Blox Land but because he was the only man in town who had a cock bigger than her own, not just longer but wider too! She immediately waved the horny uniformed man up to her apartment. Peter entered the room and didn’t even have time to take off his helmet, randy dick loving Cecilia threw him onto the bed, ripped down his pants and clamped her lips around his swollen yellow member. She was gagging herself stupid on Peter’s pork sword, as his huge dick head scraped her throat. Peter finally craved a mouthful of cock himself, wrestling Cecilia onto her back and sucking her delicious building block cock. Just like any other Monday morning session, the filthy fun loving pair took it in turns to fuck the other hard and fiercely in the rear until they swapped facials with a shower of building blox gooey cum.

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