Hot ‘n’ Cold

Sat in the hot steamy sauna, in the cabins just off the frosty snow slopes, Jenny chatted with her new found friend, Gabby, after meeting for the first time on their ski trip. As they lay naked with sweat slowly rolling down their soft ladyboy curves, Gabby told Jenny how it was a tradition to run straight out of the hot steam rooms and dive naked into the cold snow. Jenny never turned down the opportunity for adventure and before you could say ‘frost bitten boobies’ the two young shemales were wrapped in their towels, running out of the warm cabins and diving into the freezing cold snow. The hot and cold sensation was too much to bear and both girls suddenly became very playful, rubbing snow on each other’s bodies and getting all horny and tingly. The innocent snow play soon became a whole lot more serious as the two teen tranny lost all their inhibitions and began rubbing each other more intimately, finally kissing as they fingered each other in the ass, and stroked each other’s rock hard cock. They continued to stroke and finger each other as they made their way back to the steam room and again the extreme temperature change sent their bodies into further frantic horny passion, and they began to fuck! They pounded each other in the tight girly ass pussy as the room filled with sweaty jism smelling steam. They took turns boning each other, almost in competition as they fucked harder and harder, trying to out bang the other, building towards huge orgasm. They finally getting into 69 position so they could both cum at the same time, eat up every last drop of spunk.

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Next Tgirl Top Model

shemaletugjobs6You don’t find sultry shemale beauties like Patricia Sabatiny just every day of the week but when you do, you want to savor every inch of her gorgeous body and succulent shecock. Patricia teased the camera with her hot body and lusty looks until we didn’t think we could take anymore. Then she stripped down to nothing but her black spike high heels and used both hands to work her fat girl dick into rock hardness and she didn’t let up until her cum load was gushing out and covering her stomach.

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Christmas Eve


It’s the night before Christmas and these three beautiful dickgirls are prancing around in their slutty outfits and enjoying the warmth of the fire. Their stockings hang above it and each has been filled with a wonderful gift. As midnight draws near the beautiful babes open their presents to find that they’ve each been given a thick dildo made for fucking ass. The hot shemales can’t wait to try them out and they don’t even bother going to the bedroom. Instead they slip their panties off right there on the couch and get to work on pleasuring each other. It’s all about anal pleasure after that. Their assholes crave being filled with hot fuck meat and they are eager to suck and stroke each other. There’s plenty of butt fucking and plenty more dick sucking. At times two of the girls are focusing on the other and at times they’re all sucking and stroking and fucking each other. They have good times like this with great frequency because they’re hot sluts and nothing makes them happier than fooling around.

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How can you not feel glamorous in a corset, fully fashioned nylons and high stiletto heels, I felt like a million dollars on this set! Though I had to add my own touch and have the pearl necklace and bling handcuffs… still a naughty girl at heart.

Any Hole Will Do: The Return of Queen Vaniity

Vaniity shows off her cock magic is this fierce threesome where our Queen gets to fuck every hole of her two bitches – Alex Adams and Emma Haize.
You just can not beat Vaniity – she pounds her two bottoms like they are fleshlights and gives them both powerful, explosive orgasms before feeding them her own cum.
Her cock is a missile, her endurance is incredible and her desire to make you submit is insatiable.
Not to mention, Vaniity’s verbal humiliation goes unrivaled! You will laugh and your balls will shrink up as she tells you to get in “her ass and eat it up!”
Vaniity even makes Alex fuck Emma AFTER she has milked his cock and fed him his load! Emma rides Alex’s sensitive cock while he squirms and Vaniity just laughs at her wickedness and their willingness to obey.

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Hung Shemale Laiane Brandao Fucking

Laiane is a newcomer that is quickly gaining popularity by transgender fans. Check out this update and you’ll see why! She feeds this straight guy her big cock and then fucks his ass until she blasts a load all over his face. This is big cock tranny action at it’s finest!


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The Brothel on the Hill


Jo had slept with a prostitute before, but he’d never visited a brothel, and certainly not the ‘one on the hill’; know to be a little ‘kinkier’ than the others. So there he was, stood in front of a line of cute big eyed, big boobed and long legged ladies, all waiting to pleasure and please him in every way he could imagine. It was hard to choose which girl to take, they all looked so damn hot, but it was Jo’s birthday and with a pocket full of dirty cold cash, he decided to treat himself and took the three tall filthy looking girls on the end.. Jo had them lined up and bent over as he slapped their asses and called them sluts and bitches, he could see that they were enjoying the verbal abuse – so much in fact Jo started to feel an extra bulge forming in all of their panties. Jo was startled and jumped back and as he did so his three special ladies turned around, each one with an extra long cock, erect and bursting out the top of their panties. Before Jo could make a run for the door, he was pinned to the ground, with his face held down and his ass raised up, as one of the horny lasses started to eat out his ass, digging deep in his virgin hole with her ling wriggling tongue. ’Now who’s the bitch’, the tall blonde said, as all the girls circled around him and started rutting their hard cocks in his face. Jo had no option but to do as they said, he was ‘out gunned’, and in no position to turn down the stiff cock pressing through his moist lips. It wasn’t long before the cute blonde had her lips wrapped around his cock, whilst at the same time the redhead was trying to force her monster dick into his super tight back passage. Not only did she manage to get her cock in him, but all three girls took their turns fucking his ass, hard and deep. By the end Jo was secretly starting to enjoy it, so much so that he lined them all up again in their original positions, and requested they each cum on his greedy smiling face!

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Kitty Cat Walk

Kitty was the top model in town and the star attraction of yet another cat walk show. All the other girls admired her, no one could work out why she was so tall and beautiful, they all wanted to know her secrets. After the show Kitty sat alone in her dressing room feeling a little lonely, so when one of the other models ask to visit she decided to break her personal rule of staying alone and let her in. Kitty was bored and desperate to finally share her secret with someone and the young model seemed to be sweet and innocent, she decided here and now was finally the time to spill the beans, or rather the balls! Kitty called the young girl close to her and then dropped her robes to reveal a large throbbing shemale cock, stood up had, begging to be eaten. The girl was not in any shock, she simply smiled and kissed Kitty, before dropping to her knees and worshipping the long slab of tranny meat in front of her. Kitty was delighted, she feared the girl would runaway in fear and tell everyone the truth, maybe even end her modelling career, instead she was devouring her cock, sucking and gagging on her knob like her life depending on it. Kitty soon puller her up for air, kissed her again, and then forcefully bent her over and fucked her like a dog. She battered her tight pussy and super tight ass hole, slamming her like a pin ball machine. When she felt her balls were close to erupting she withdrew her cock and rammed it into the young girl’s face, skull fucking her and spewing her spunk in a glorious full facial.

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Braiding each other’s hair leads to comparing breast sizes which leads to Natassia showing Gia her hard cock. The giggle stops and the two girls start to really explore their bodies. Gia has a nice little surprise of her own – she squirts! In a great orgasm burst, Gia covers Natassia’s cock in cum.
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Damsel in Distress Pt 2

Polly had managed to escape her tower and evil step mom through the help of a young horny prince, but such was their lust they were too busy fucking in the courtyard to escape! Such was the noise of their huge orgasms that Polly’s step mom had over heard them and came out to investigate. They were immediately marched back into the tower, though much to their surprised Polly’s step mom suddenly removed her own garments to reveal a hung meaty cock of her own, and one which was already stood to horny attention! She wasted no time in bending the young lad over, digging out his ass wither tongue, and then giving his ass hole a right royal pounding. Polly was told to ram her dick in the boy’s mouth whilst she fucked him, and she gladly complied, as they spit roasted the lucky lad. Polly had a second wind and her balls had already refilled with gooey spunk; when her step mom began to tire they swapped positions and Polly once again began to fuck the young man balls deep whilst her step mom received some mouth attention to her cock. Eventually everyone had their turn to fuck and be fuck, with no cock or hole was left without attention for too long. As they tag team fucked the young man with such horny might Polly began to look at her step mom in a new light; it now made sense why her step mom had treated Polly so differently, as she too was a shemale and she had only done so to protect her. The lady she once feared so much was now her fuck buddy, and together they vowed to fuck every young horny guy in the land..

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