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Beach Bully

Tammy and Tiny were just two innocent, playful teeny girls. They liked to spend time in the park, hanging out at the mall, or down by the beach, just regular girly stuff for a couple of sweet 16 shemales. But where ever they went they always seemed to bump into Jacob, the local bully. It was one afternoon, the girls were down on the beach, when they encountered boisterous Jacob once again. He came over, throwing around his weight, trying to upset the girls; he always got his kicks by spoil everyone else’s fun. But the girls had had enough; today it was their time to have some fun at his expense. Jacob was surprised when Tammy stood up to him, but even more surprised when Tiny over powered him and tackled him to the ground. Tammy then stepped in and straddled the bully so he couldn’t move, and then pulled out her hung cock and slid it into his mouth, forcing him to suck. Jacob may have been held down and force face fucked, but it didn’t stop his dick rising too attention! Tiny went down on all fours and began sucking off Jacob, getting him more and more excited, whilst he continued to swallow Tammy’s monster meat. The girls then took it in turns to pussy pound Jacobs’s tight ass and force feed him deep throat ladyboy cock. Once the girls had drained Jacobs balls of sperm, and gargled and cum swapped his still warm seamen, they left their new gimp a little present, cramming a large banana up sissy Jacobs hurting hole. He never bullied the girls again, although he often asked them to join him at the beach!

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Natassia Dream – sex therapy

Greg is 18 and a virgin. He wants so desperately to impress girls but just seems to fail every time. Natassia is a professional sex therapist with more than a few tricks up her sleeve to help Greg – one of which is her hard cock that he has no idea is waiting in her silk panties for him. First they role play how to pick someone up but it’s painfully clear, that Greg is not going to get laid with his awkward one-liners. Though he may be painfully shy, Natassia finds him too tempting to resist and preys on his vulnerability. She fucks his mouth and then uses him like a rag doll all around the room fucking his tight ass in all kinds of positions. Greg may never learn how to succeed with women,but he will never forget all the help he got trying.

Night time stroke


POV time! Who doesn’t get horny at night? I’m no exception, especially wearing a satin nightie with no underwear… so after putting it on I start to get turned on and hard, and it soon comes back off as I stroke my rock hard cock! If only I wasn’t alone.

Black and Horny

Gordon was fast asleep when the two, tall, muscular and highly dangerous shemale robbers broke into his mansion late at night. They had got past his tight security and were looking for his money and valuables, searching stealthily around the house with nylon stockings pulled over their head. They eventually made their way up to the master bedroom where they found young Gordon sleeping half naked on his bed. The two stocking masked robbers were somewhat turned on by his slim white body and decided that not only would they steal his money but also the virginity of his tight ass hole! It certainly wasn’t the first time they have forced entry into a unsuspecting white guy, and it surely wouldn’t be the last.. They were so strong and powerful they had no problem overpowering their victim, tying him up and sealing his mouth with heavy duty masking tape. Gordon lie completely helpless and at the mercy of these two monster hung trannies, as they began to undress and stroke their huge, meaty black cocks. The size of their large mamba black cocks under their sheer pantyhose had not gone unnoticed by Gordon, and the smell of their large sweaty feet was also beginning to turn him on in some strange kinky way! They savagely fuck Gordon in many positions, pinning him on the bed and taking turns to pummel his holes in acrobatic positions while the other forced him to smell and lick her huge nyloned feet… They really knew how to fuck and finally they did something they decided to destroy his hole completely with double penetration! Finally they fill Gordon with their hot sticky cum-loads, slapping their cum dripping cocks against his, noticing that his cock looked so tiny compared with their monster size black cocks and huge balls..

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Silly college kids out in the woods trying to get drunk after midterms get surprised by the cops. Priya, always in heels, can’t run when the cops come and gets caught. Back at the police station, they find Priya packing something big in her pantyhose. It’s not a weapon though. Or is it?. For bondage lovers, this is a comic for you!

Kelly Klaymour makes her debut on and what better way to see how she swims in the deep end of the the dominating pool, than to throw the infamous, Ava Devine in with her!
The oral sex in this update is super hot and the fucking does not disappoint as Kelly lets her thick cock do the work in Ava’s pussy and ass.

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Tranny submissive Jeniffer Yasmin is handcuffed to the wall today for some fetish bareback action. Watch as this guy does as he wishes to Jeniffer. He starts off with a little light spanking, then stuffs her face and ass full of his rock hard cock bareback.


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Young big cock tranny Gabriela Lira has arrived and she is in hot bareback action today. Watch as this tgirl cutie slams this straight guy deep in his mouth and ass with no condom. She does have a sweet side though, as you will she when she jerks him off while fucking his tight ass.

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Dinner and a Lay: Danni Daniels Cums on Alex Adams

Danni Daniels returns to to seduce and fuck Alex Adams.
Alex is caught in a Florida rain storm on his way to his third date at Danni’s house where she has prepared dinner and is waiting for the now very late, and very wet Alex..
Alex has to have dinner in his underwear and it’s the first time Danni has seen his naked, toned, perfect body. The two barely make it through dinner and soon they are making out in Danni’s bedroom. It’s Danni’s turn to get naked and Alex likes everything he sees but his mouth falls open when he sees her thick, fat cock. Danni doesn’t skip a beat, she shoves her cock in his gaping mouth and makes him suck her until she’s wet, mega-hot and too horny to stop.

Danni fucks Alex’s ass and mouth, denies his orgasms until he begs for permission and cums a squirting load all over his face. A hot end to a hot date.

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