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It’s late and Yasmin is slammed with deadlines for her early morning trial. She’s tired, frustrated…horny. David walks in nervous and stammering – if it wasn’t for his good looks, Yasmin would have tossed his ass out immediately. But her sympathy is resting deep between her thighs and David’s willingness to “do anything” for her help is more than enticing. She grabs his tie, pulls him down on to the couch and blows his hard dick. Since he is at her mercy, she ties him up before pulling out her huge cock. “I agreed to bondage, but I didn’t agree to suck cock” he sputters. “Shut the fuck up, you don’t have a choice” she replies and shoves her cock into his wet mouth.
She fucks his ass with his face buried in the leather couch and then has David ride her as she pumps him from behind. It’s his good looks and her need for a fucking that has Yasmin spread on the couch and David fucking her hard. When they finally cum, it’s at the same time.

Caught Playing Dress Up

Devon often snuck into his sister’s room when she was out, he never read her diary or stole from her, but he did enjoy putting on her clothes. Late one evening when his sister, Abby, had left the house, Devon went through her draws to pick out something sexy to wear. To his excitement he found a short pleated skirt and a bra which even gave him a little cleavage. Devon was so turned on he didn’t notice that someone had entered the house and was heading towards his sister’s room! When he finally heard Jack, his sister’s boyfriend, calling out for Abby, he had no time to change or hide, and suddenly Jack opened the door! “Well well, what do we have here?” asked Jack with a large grin. Devon begged for Jack to keep his secret and promised he would never dress up in his sister’s clothes again, but rather than getting angry Jack seemed to be getting horny and he began rubbing his hands over Devon’s body. Devon felt embarrassed and told him to stop, and so Jack threatened him, if he didn’t want him to tell everyone what he had seen Devon would need to do as his is told, and that included keeping his sister’s sexy clothes on! So Devon found himself on his knees sucking Jack’s huge hard cock. He moaned and cried like a little Japanese school girl as Jack forced his massive meat down his throat, but secretly he was enjoying it. Devon was turned on further when Jack span him around and bent him over, first fingering his tight bum hole and then finally plunging is strong dick deep into Devon’s ass. They were fucking wildly when Devon’s sister, Abby, came in the room. She screamed at them, furious that Jack was fucking her brother. But rather then stop him she suddenly lifted up her skirt, and to everyone’s surprise, she withdrew her own cock! She then forced Devon to suck her dick before joining Jack in fucking his ass, as they double-teamed her brother for the rest of that evening. They fucked all night until they could hold out no longer, and finally exploded massive amounts of sticky cum all over a tired and happy Devon!

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Sexy shemale Dany is all decked out in her feathered mask and matching costume for this photo shoot. She is a gorgeous long haired, blonde t-girl that looks like she just stepped right out of your taboo wet dreams. She strips out of her costume revealing her long, lean body complete with tiny tits and tan lines. But it’s that plump shecock that we can’t wait to see and this t-girl is such a tease. She gives us a good look at the tattoo on her side and back before she stroking a jizz load out of her thick shecock.

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Juliana Souza, Patricia Andrade and Shayara Hugarte all take turns enjoying this tight stud’s mouth and ass in this hot new gangbang update. Watch these horny big cock trannies do whatever they want to do to their new friend. You can tell this guys loves every minute of the action!

Venus Lux and Blake are fuck like two people having an affair. Right from the start, Blake’s cock is instantly hard as Venus walks around his blindfolded and bound body. Venus is also rock hard under her mini-skirt. She has been waiting to fuck him and let him fuck her. In this rare switch scene full of orgasm denial, Venus owns her tied man with verbal teasing and fantasy dirty talk that edges Blake the entire time. And when Venus finally cums she erupts across his face and two feet into the air! AND THEN SHE FUCKS HIM AGAIN! While her cock is still hard, just post-orgasm, Venus shoves back into Blake and makes him shoot his load as her sensitive, throbbing cock leaks out the last of her cum into his gaping ass hole. Never seen that before!
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The connection between Eva and Juliette is electric from across the room. When Juliette leans down to give Eva a sexy lap dancer, her cock is already hard and pressing against Juliette’s ass. Juliette wants Eva’s cock in her mouth so badly and her pussy is dripping wet at the thought of Eva slipping inside her holes.
Eva does not disappoint. She tops Juliette,fucking her in doggie, missionary and pile driver before cumming a hot load on her face.
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The De-grease

Jojo and Wanda were two greasy bitches, they worked all day at the fast food hut, flipping burgers, frying chicken and cooking fries, slowly getting caked in fat and oil and generally getting messy. They looked forward to nothing more than finishing work and lathering up their young shemale bodies with lots of soap and shampoo, attempting to cleanse themselves from all the grease. However, the more they worked the thicker the grease got and regular showers were no longer enough to feel clean, it was certainly not easy to reach every nook and cranny of their own bodies without help, and so they made a deal to help each other lather up and scrub down.. I guess you could say the inevitable soon happened, two horny, young, hung, sexually charged ladyboys, at the peak of the sexual awakening, both naked, trapped in a shower cubicle together as they rubbed their hands all other each other.. Jojo’s cock soon found its way in-between Wanda’s butt cheeks, prodding away at her sweet, tiny hole, and with all the water and soap dripping around, lubricating everything it ran across, it wasn’t long before Jojo found her cock deep inside Wandas tranny pussy, and began building up some rhythm, pumping away at her ass faster and faster until she was wild fucking that bitch. Wanda was loving it, reaching closer to climax with every ass parting pummel she received, but her twitching cock was desperate for action too, and eventually she span around in a horny rage and thrust her own dick deep inside Jojo’s starfish ass hole, paying her back with an ass ramming even harder than she had received. Soon enough all the grease had gone and the idea had worked, only it wasn’t long before they found themselves drenched i a new sticky liquid, but this time in the more welcome form of warm shemale jism, dripping from their hair and face.

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